Then and now! The Hills: brand-new Beginnings star Heidi Montag has been really open about the plastic surgery steps she’s undergone since an initial stepping into the spotlight more than 10 year ago.

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Heidi first met Lauren Conrad, who was certification on Laguna Beach in ~ the time, when attending the Academy of Art university in mountain Francisco. The Colorado indigenous attended the school for one semester before both ladies moved to the Fashion institute of Design and also Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. Their friendship led Heidi to show up during season 2 of the MTV reality present for four episodes in 2005.

The “More Is More” singer became quite a controversial fact TV figure on The Hills many thanks to her rocky connection with Spencer Pratt, whom she married in November 2008. They invited their son, Gunner, in 2017.

Perhaps the most shocking decision Heidi make was as soon as she underwent 10 plastic surgery actions in one day. Ago in 2010, the fact star traveled from California to her parents’ home in Colorado to undergo considerable list of procedures, including a breast augmentation, a nose job, fat injections in her face, an eyebrow lift and also a chin reduction.

The truth star’s transformation became a main plot suggest on the hit display and changed her life forever. Yet Heidi revealed in an interview v Entertainment Tonight the she doesn’t choose to relive that component of her life.

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“I don’t want to clock it,” she admitted in 2016. “I think the it to be hard enough going v it at that time, and I was simply in way over my head. I had actually no idea what ns was acquiring into.”

Though the drastic revolution rose she level the fame, she admitted the it no an easy process and collection her apart from the remainder of her costars.


“Everyone rather in the show is in the clubs and dealing v this and that, and we were managing life-threatening, major things,” the MTV alum said. “We were simply emotionally empty and spent at the point, and also we simply really needed support and set up a team, and not come be cut down by everyone. It was the hardest time of my life, and I feel prefer I’ve end up being a lot more powerful from it. And made me look at myself and also reflect, ‘Why did I perform that?’”

Heidi spoke an ext about the obstacles of she surgeries during an interview v Cosmopolitan in 2019. “I was way too young to do such a life-changing decision,” she explained, note she feel “pressure” native the “negativity and hate top top the internet.”