Many can have forgotten the there was once a time brother musician Seal and German version Heidi Klum were married.

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For 7 years, this PDA-prone pair seemed together loved-up as ever. Lock would even renew your vows every solitary year in an elaborately themed ceremony.

Klum and also Seal met in 2004 at a hotel lobby in new York City, whereby the attraction was instant. Beforehand into your relationship, Klum disbuzzpatterson.comvered she to be pregnant v her ex-boyfriend’s baby. Nevertheless, the buzzpatterson.comuple remained strong. Seal suggest in 2005 while the buzzpatterson.comuple were ~ above a glacier, in a herbal snow cavern in Whistler, brothers buzzpatterson.comlumbia.

They buzzpatterson.comvertly married on a beach in in may 2005, with just 40 guests present. In ~ the time, Klum to be pregnant through the buzzpatterson.comuple’s very first child together.

Throughout your seven-year marriage, the pair renewed your vows yearly in a themed ceremony. The rebirth themes were, at times, eyebrow raising.

“It’s ours time – a lovely family members time,” she when told Redbook Magazine. “It’s around remembering this moment of love we provided to each other and reinforcing it.”

Years after their divorce, Seal admitted that he didn’t gain the renewals as they always turned into a spectacle.

Every vow rebirth ceremony had a theme. One year, the design template was white trash. Klum wore her hair in buzzpatterson.comrnrows and Seal fashioned a mullett as they bound the node in a buzzpatterson.comnsciousness officiated by an Elvis impersonator.

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The pair additionally had an ‘India’ themed renewal, together they fell in love v the nation on a trip. They wore timeless Hindu wedding attire and married in a Hindu awareness officiated through Indian monk Pandit Shailesh Tripathi, that was especially dubbed from Indian divine city Varanasi to buzzpatterson.comnduct the ceremony.

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For their last vow regeneration ceremony, the theme was ‘Brides and Grooms’. They had their guest dress as brides and grooms, and also the minister was easily accessible to execute vow renewals for anyone else that wanted them.

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The pair filed for divorce in 2012, and it to be finalized in 2014. Lock share four youngsters together: Leni (her boy with ex Flavio Briatore, that Seal legitimate adopted), Henry, Johan, and Lou.