HEIDI Klum is a supermodel and also TV personality that has appeared on dozens of newspaper covers - including the Sports shown swimsuit edition.

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Klum - who is additionally an Instagram star - has been a mainstay on such reflects as project Runway and America's got Talent.


Here is more on the 47-year-old German-born businesswoman and her love life.

Who is Tom Kaulitz and also when did he marry Heidi Klum?

Kaulitz, a singer, songwriter and producer, married Klum in 2019.

The 30-year-old Kaulitz is a member that the rock band Tokio Hotel, i m sorry was created in 2001 and also is hugely well-known in Germany.

His pair brother bill is the command singer the the group.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz come at the Grammy Awards at the Staples facility earlier this yearCredit: AP:Associated Press

Heidi Klum and also daughter Lou Sulola Samuel in 2017 in brand-new York CityCredit: Getty - Contributor

Tom Kaulitz was previously married to Ria Sommerfeld, but they separation in 2018.

Like Klum, the rocker is also from Germany.

She feels favor she has a "partner" because that the an initial time.

“If I have troubles or ns trying to figure something out, he’s an exceptional listener and also it’s just amazing to have actually a partner," she said The Sun previously this year.


Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, terry Crews, Sofia Vergara and also Simon Cowell the America's obtained TalentCredit: NBCUniversal Media

She added: “For the very first time, I have a companion who I can ­discuss whatever with.

"Someone who shares duties that we all have in ours life. I supplied to be on my own with everything.”

They secretly married in February that 2019 and then wed again in Italy during the summer.

How long have they to be together?

Klum and also Kaulitz started dating in 2018.

They were set up v a common friend who functioned on Germany's next Top Model, follow to W Magazine.

Both had recently been divorced.

Heidi Klum in 2003Credit: WireImage - Getty

Who else has actually Heidi Klum been married to?

Klum was married come celebrity hairstylist Ric Pipino for 5 years and also singer Seal for virtually a decade.

The supermodel and also Seal to be "married" 7 times prior to their ugly split.

Does she have any children?

Klum has four children, including three v Seal.

Italian business man Flavio Briatore is the dad of her oldest child.

She to be pregnant through Briatore's child when she began dating Seal.

She revealed previously this year that it is hard being a co-parent through the singer.

How long has Heidi Klum been a judge on America’s got Talent?

Klum went back to the renowned reality present this year after serving as a judge from 2013 come 2018.

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