HEIDI Klum privately wed she toyboy fiancé Tom Kaulitz in a low-key ceremony earlier in February.

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TMZ reports the buzzpatterson.comuple tied the knot simply hours before enjoying dinner at grandfather Chow in Beverly Hills.


Heidi Klum secretly wed her toyboy fiancé Tom Kaulitz in a low-key ceremony back in FebruaryCredit: Getty

The wedding synchronized with the day they very first met, February 22.

They announced their engagement in December, v Heidi reflecting off her enormous diamond ring on society media.

Sharing a picture of lock together, Heidi told her fans: “I said YES!”

Her pendant inundated her v their message of buzzpatterson.comngratulations.


Heidi revealed she was engaged to her friend in December

The mum-of-four was previously married buzzpatterson.comme singer Seal yet they break-up in January 2012.

Heidi formerly sparked engagement rumours back in September ~ she buzzpatterson.comnfirmed off a very large diamond on her ring finger in ~ the 70th Emmy Awards.


The buzzpatterson.comuple started date last year following her separation from arts dealer Vito SchnabelCredit: Getty - buzzpatterson.comntributor

She insisted the sparkler was obtained by insiders claimed it wouldn't be lengthy until Tom popped the question.

The America’s acquired Talent judge admitted dating the hunk, that is 17 years she junior, has actually led to a many questions about her age.


Heidi, 45, and also Tom, 29, have made no an enig of exactly how smitten they areCredit: Reuters

“My boyfriend is many years younger than me, and lots of civilization are questioning that and also asking around it.

“That's yes, really the only time when period seems to it is in shoved in my face and I need to give an answer for it.

“I don't yes, really think about it that lot otherwise.

Scarlett Johansson, Heidi Klum, the cast of This Is Us and also other celebrities to visit the Emmy Awards 2018 red carpet

'good luck'

Ioan Gruffudd's mam accuses the of having affair through her pal for three YEARS
"You have to just live a happy life there is no worrying too much about what human being think since worrying is just going to offer you more wrinkles.”

Heidi and Tom acquired together following her break-up with arts dealer Vito Schnabel after 3 years together.

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She shares four children, Leni, 14, Henry, 12, Johan, 11, and also eight-year-old Lou, with her ex-husband Seal.

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