The queen of Halloween! Heidi Klum has actually a reputation for knocking it the end of the park as soon as it concerns her yearly costumes. The model has dressed up together Jessica Rabbit, a butterfly, an alien and so much more — and also she’s always down to turn up she sexy or scary!

Heidi threw the very first of her currently legendary Halloween costume next in brand-new York City in 2000. “It’s crazy,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in 2018. “I never expected the this party was going to go on because that so many years, but here us are!” she stated excitedly. Unfortunately, Heidi’s bashes in 2020 and 2021 had actually to it is in cancelled because of the COVID pandemic.

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While she inaugural year attractive plenty of celebrities, castle weren’t really in the Halloween spirit. “The bulk of guests were no super dressed,” she said the publication. “So, ~ that, I implemented a ‘no costume-no entry’ rule. We conveniently taught people that if you nothing come in a costume, you’re not getting in. The costumes obtain bigger and much better every year. And also that’s since guests understand they won’t gain in unless they lug it.”

Heidi’s earned she nickname as a “Queen that Halloween” as an outcome of her virtually two years of hosting the biggest and most intricate celebrity party. “I take on that title! and I always want to live up to it, year ~ year,” Heidi proudly noted.

Growing up in her native Germany, there to be an annual Karneval celebration filled with candy and also costumes, yet it wasn’t tied come anything scary or ominous. “When I moved to America, I automatically fell in love with Halloween and the spookiness that it. All the was missing was a terrific party. The felt choose a real possibility for me,” the America’s obtained Talent judge confessed.

As the party’s host, Heidi has had actually to it is in the many over-the-top instance of obtaining into the Halloween heart with her annual costume. In 2011, she started using hair and also makeup department film professionals, as well as industry prosthetic professionals for she one-of-a-kind costumes, consisting of Michael Jackson‘s werewolf native his “Thriller” music video, Fiona indigenous Shrek, a lifelike elderly variation of herself and even a plastinated human body the looked choose it come from the Body civilizations science exhibition.

“By me law crazy, fancy outfits as the host, my hope had constantly been the all my guests would certainly follow. And also it’s operated because, over the years, world have end up being increasingly more outrageous through their costumes,” Heidi gushed. When she won’t be having an epos party in 2021, the Making the Cut star will always be in the Halloween soul come October 31.

Scroll under for picture of Heidi’s many iconic Halloween costumes end the years.



Heidi dressed together a gruesome-looking alien at she 20th annual Halloween party. The look took prosthetics specialists six hours to apply, and also she certain did look at scary!



Thanks to her exceptional makeup and also prosthetics team, no one might have known Heidi when go she went together Fiona from Shrek to she 19th yearly bash. Also her oversized environment-friendly hands and also feet matched the animated Disney character.



Another classic! Heidi went as the werewolf indigenous Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video at her 18th yearly party, where she do a cool entrance surrounded by ghouls.



Heidi went as herself … as well as five the same bodysuit-clad clones at her 17th yearly party.


In one of Heidi’s most memorable looks, she went as Jessica hare for she 16th yearly party. A prosthetics team worked on her face, chest and also derriere to do her look favor the Who Framed roger Rabbit man character concerned life. Heidi sat for 10 hrs to have actually the work applied, and it paid off in among her greatest costumes to date.


Five hrs in the assembly chair to be worth it for Heidi’s elaborate and also colorful butterfly costume at she 15th yearly party.


For Heidi’s 14th annual Halloween party, she went as herself … together a 95-year-old woman! her wrinkled skin, varicose veins and also thin hair were so lifelike that world at her very own party didn’t identify Heidi.


Heidi went together a stunning Cleopatra, complete with a gorgeous gold elaborate costume. The newly single star looked for sure regal in ~ the December 1 bash, as the initial Halloween party no able come happen due to the fact that of Hurricane Sandy battering new York the October. Heidi’s party increased money because that the American Red cross to assist those influenced by the herbal disaster.


Heidi had actually two next in 2011, v the second going under in brand-new York City. There, she and then-husband Seal walk their final year in pair costumes, together they separation in 2012. For she 11th annual bash, Heidi started employing the work-related of Hollywood film sector makeup artists and also prosthetic experts. Castle turned the couple into lifelike apes. The costumes took virtually six hrs to apply.


At her first 2011 costume party at las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel and also Casino, the supermodel morphed right into what she would certainly look like without any skin, looking like among the actual human bodies from the Body people science exhibition. Those Hollywood pro groups sure aided Heidi up her costume game!


Heidi upped her video game from the disappointed raven costume through going as a at sight sexy robot superhero in 2010. She wore a skin-tight violet bodysuit and also face paint, in addition to red plastic steel Man kind body coverings and also boots that were end a foot tall.


For she 10th annual Halloween party, Heidi and then-husband, Seal, went together ravens in matching birdlike costumes. She later lamented the she hated the costume, together the protruding mine made it difficult for she to obtain close sufficient to speak to her guests or have the ability to drink anything.


After 2 years in Los Angeles, Heidi brought her party ago to new York, hold the bash in ~ the hotspot 1 OAK. She dressed together the Hindu goddess Kali. Heidi donned fake arms, blue body paint and also a yellow headpiece.


After bemoaning how hard it to be physically come maneuver in her Forbidden Fruit costume the year prior, Heidi kept it straightforward at she eighth annual party and went together a slinky gray feline in a skin-tight catsuit.


Heidi kicked points up a notch for her seventh annual Halloween party. Not just did she relocate it from brand-new York come Los Angeles, the model departed from she sexy costumes and also went as forbidden fruit from the Bible, complete with a snake around her apologize costume. She then-husband, Seal, dressed together Eve and kept do the efforts to take it a bite the end of Heidi.


After going together a witch the year prior, Heidi opted for a sexy vampire in 2005, attract a black color leather corset top and skirt, a long batwing-like cape, thigh-high boots, fangs and the greatest dark wig ever.


The Victoria’s secret model took a cue indigenous being among their “Angels” and also went as a sexy red witch. She had actually a lingerie-inspired bodice, in addition to knee-high boots and a long wig. For part reason, she determined her witch necessary to give a skeleton a piggyback ride transparent the party.

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The former Project Runway host came as her own development of a costume, which seemed to it is in a mix between a gold warrior and also an alien. She even rocked a gold grill to finish her outfit, in addition to gold human body glitter.