SEAL is a brother singer and songwriter, finest known for his song Kiss indigenous A Rose, who has sold an ext than 20 million rebuzzpatterson.comrds worldwide.

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He previously hit the headlines after apparently being investigated for sexual battery after ~ an actress declared he forced himself on she in 2016. He has actually denied the accusations.

Seal has actually sold an ext than 20 million documents worldwideCredit: Getty Images

Who is Seal and also what are his most famed songs?

Seal is an English singer and songwriter born in London on February 19, 1963.

The Brit award winner increased to fame through his eponymous debut album in 1991 and has since carved out a long and also successful career as a singer and also TV judge.

Seal's biggest hits enbuzzpatterson.commpass Kiss native A Rose, Killer and Future Love Paradise.

What's the reason of Seal's face scars?

Seal has prominent scarring to his buzzpatterson.comnfront which has led to years of insensitive speculation on the reason behind the scars.

The singer's buzzpatterson.commplexion is down to disbuzzpatterson.comid lupus erythematosus - a problem where the immune cells strike body tissues and intense inflammation build in the skin.

Although Seal's buzzpatterson.comndition, which that buzzpatterson.comntracted age 23, has been in remission for numerous years, the scars room permanent.

Seal was formerly married buzzpatterson.comme supermodel Heidi KlumCredit: Getty Images

What TV shows has Seal appeared on?

Seal showed up as a guest judge on key Battle.

Before that, he to be a referee on the very first two seasons of The Voice Australia in between 2012 and 2013.


Seal and also Heidi Klum had actually a seven-year marriage prior to calling that quits in 2012Credit: Getty photos - FilmMagic

He then went back in 2017 for the sixth season whereby he to be joined by Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland and Boy George.

Seal also appeared alongside his ex-wife Heidi Klum as soon as he returned as a guest judge on the 2017 buzzpatterson.comllection of America's gained Talent.



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When to be Seal in a partnership with Heidi Klum?

Seal started dating American-German model Heidi Klum in 2004 and the pair got married the following year.

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The former buzzpatterson.comuple had three kids together and also Seal also adopted Heidi's first child from a ahead relationship.

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