Tim Gunn penned a heartfelt letter to Heidi Klum on Friday, thanking her for transforming that "into a more happiness and an ext confident individual"

Tim Gunn is opened up around the at an early stage days that Project Runway v Heidi Klum, and also shedding light on those who may have cast doubts around the show's success.

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On Friday, Gunn penned a heartfelt letter to his "TV wife," thanking she for transforming the "into a happier and much more confident individual." In the note, published by Good Housekeeping, the tv personality likewise revealed the an unnamed supermodel didn't think the display would take off.

"You sheathe an arm about me, take it my hand and also said, "Don't be nervous. Relax. We're walk to have actually an impressive summer," that wrote, prior to fast-forwarding come a time later in season 1 once he had to return the favor.

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"This time you were nervous around how the display would be received," that wrote. "You had presented a preview to so-and-so (another supermodel and host of another fashion-related show) who said to you, 'It look at awful. Release the show and also quit.' This time, i took your hand and we sat and huddled."

He continued, " 'Think about it,' ns remember saying. 'She's nervous and also jealous. You and this display are competition for her. She wants to do you nervous and upset. To trust me. There's nothing to be concerned around and whatever to feel confident about.' friend leaned over and kissed me. And we had actually a fabulous season!"

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"We made 16 seasons together! mental the night of ours Emmy victory for cohosts? That present dragged on and also on and also on through our category being second to last," he wrote. "At every break, we snuck the end for champagne, numerous champagne. By the time the display finally got to ours category, us were bombed — nervous, jittery, laughing bombed. Us WON!"