In 2006, Heidi Montag starred opposite Lauren Conrad top top The Hills — a reality series which complied with a group of young adults living in Los Angeles. Quickly enough, fans to be obsessed through Heidi and also Lauren"s sweet friendship, yet things took a turn for the worse when Heidi met Spencer Pratt, her now-husband. Lauren easily learned she didn"t like Spencer, and also as a result, their bond became weaker and weaker. In 2007, the two fought exterior of a club, i beg your pardon was recorded on the show, and from then on, their partnership was never ever the same.

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Despite things not functioning out v Lauren, Heidi"s career was on the up and also up, however she chose to go under the knife in 2010, which caused her acquiring 10 procedures (yes, really!) excellent in one day. Fortunately, Spencer to be by she side complying with the surgeries, but she ultimately retreated indigenous the spotlight, and her truth TV stint appeared to be done for good. "For the past three years I"ve thought around what to have done. I am absolutely past obsessed," she called People in 2010 around her new look. Ultimately, the Colorado aboriginal wanted come "feel better" and "feel perfect" about her body.

"And as soon as I watched myself ~ above The Hills, my ears would be sticking out favor Dumbo!" she added. "I simply wanted come feel much more confident and also look in the mirror and also be like, "Whoa! That"s me!" ns was one ugly duckling before."

So, what occurred to Heidi"s job post-surgery? Let"s find out.

Heidi Montag cases she 'died for a minute' throughout plastic surgical procedure procedures

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After Heidi Montag obtained 10 plastic surgery measures done in someday — Botox, chest augmentation, liposuction, chin reduction, and more, every People — the fact TV star admitted she "died for a minute" ~ the operations. "With that much surgery, I had to have 24-hour nurse care and Spencer didn"t want to leave my side," she called Paper newspaper in 2018.

"I to be at a recovery center and had Demerol to attend to the pain because it was so extreme," Heidi stated to Paper. "My defense guards called Spencer and told him, "Heidi"s heart stopped. She"s no going to make it." and I conveniently could"ve." Luckily, the MTV star — that shares child Gunner v Spencer — make it out alive.

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Despite risking she life for actions that weren"t necessary, Heidi confessed, "A many positive things came the end of ." She added, "I had actually to look at myself in the mirror every day healing, and also be like, "What did I perform to myself? exactly how did I get here? What is going on?" ns basically had actually to hit the rock-bottom minute in mine life, to establish what was important to me."

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Not only did Heidi Montag hazard her life by walking under the knife in 2010, yet she and also her husband, Spencer Pratt, went damaged following the procedures. In fact, lock spent nearly $10 million on changing her image. "A majority of it"s gone. There"s agents, lawyers, managers, taxes, hair and makeup," she stated on The View (via Radar Online) in 2014.

Spencer — who was making six figures an episode on The Hills, every Money — claimed he and also Heidi "were much more famous and also much more money 보다 Kim Kardashian" when filming The Hills native 2006 to 2010. The decision enthusiast called Money in 2018 that "the money was simply coming so fast," so the "led me to think that, "Oh, this is mine life forever."" 

"It simply kind of captured up v us, and it was a lot and also it was really overwhelming," Heidi said. "I think we simply needed come reevaluate and also reground ours lives and also our values, and be like, "What is the future we want for ourselves?" i think our real values room our families and also our relationships and each other, and I think we just needed come step back and establish that."

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Ultimately, Heidi Montag wishes she hadn"t made "such a life-changing decision" at such a young age because she now has actually "long-term health and wellness complications," she called Cosmopolitan in 2019. "I was simply really self-involved at the moment — like so numerous young human being — but I was also on TV wherein every regarded flaw is amplified," she recalled. "I think ns looked in the winter a tiny too much. I wish I had actually waited."

However, Heidi is no "against plastic surgery," however she wants civilization to recognize "how terrible the restore is." The truth star added, "I don"t regret a lot of my enhancement, yet plastic surgical procedure isn"t miscellaneous that need to be glorified. Take it seriously."

Luckily, Heidi had the ability to get back on she feet again — specifically when she join The Hills reboot, which premiered in 2019. These days, Heidi and also Spencer try to live a typical life in Los Angeles v their son, Gunner. "I feel prefer I am more powerful than I"ve ever been emotionally," she called Paper newspaper in 2018. "At the finish of the day, I"m his mom, and also that"s my main priority."

Now that Heidi is ago in the spotlight, we have a great feeling her 2nd act is just gaining started.