THE HILLS: new Beginnings star Heidi Montag has made her huge Hollywood return after very first appearing in prior of cameras together Lauren Conrad's finest friend-turned-enemy earlier in 2006.

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The mommy of one has constantly been very open about her plastic surgery journey and also how she regrets the now, ten years later.


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Heidi first stepped in front of the cameras once she was just twenty years old after conference Lauren in ~ university.

At the time, Heidi sported hooded eyes and a fuller face.

She was always rocking the perfect tan and also stunning dirty blonde hair.


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By 2007, Heidi was a continual in The Hills wherein fans obtained to watch her once solid relationship with Lauren dissolve when she began dating Spencer Pratt.

Heidi remained the same, except for losing weight as result of the press of celebrity.

After fall out with Lauren, Heidi ran off and also reportedly eloped with Spencer - despite the media has actually yet to i found it the records to confirm.

She likewise began come modify her looks as she switched up she hair to her now-staple platinum blonde.

At the time, she lips appeared plumper and also had left behind the tan.

In 2010, Heidi shocked fans when she underwent ten surgeries in just one day, completely transforming her look.

The reality TV star revealed she gained Botox, a brow lift, fillers, fat transfer, liposuction, a nose job, a boob job, a chin reduction, butt augmentation, and she had actually her ears pinned back.

Despite her being slammed for looking so different, she told civilization at the time: "I think i look way much better and I’m means happier.

"Nobody periods perfectly, so I setup to keep using surgical treatment to make me together perfect as I can be."

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Three years after she surgeries, Heidi admitted the she occasionally regretted having actually so numerous things done at once.

However, she tho flaunted she curves in see-through dresses and also plunging necklines.

It was likewise around this time that it was asserted that experience so many surgeries had ruined her career.

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In 2017, Heidi and also Spencer invited their first child together, a son they dubbed Gunner.

At the time, the couple were outcasts indigenous Hollywood and were dubbed superficial and also problematic.

Heidi opened up about her surgeries and admitted the she nearly died from the procedures.

She called Cosmopolitan the the only reason she acquired the ten surgeries was that she feel pressured after being the constant target of digital bullying.

"I was also on TV where every regarded flaw is amplified,” she said.

"I think i looked in the winter a small too much. Ns wish I had waited and also not make a decision so young due to the fact that I have actually long-term health complications."

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In 2020, it was announced The Hills would certainly film a new season v Heidi as component of the cast.

At the time Heidi seemed choose she'd left the surgeries behind.

However, Heidi underwent surgery once much more as she revealed her struggles to get pregnant v the couple's second child.

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She spoke out after a collection of pap pictures had actually fans believing she to be pregnant – however she closeup of the door the comments under immediately.

She tweeted out: "No ns am no pregnant yet. Simply a small overweight."

The Hills" Heidi Montag undergoes surgery to aid with conceiving her second child v husband Spencer Pratt


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