Oscar-winning actress Helen Hunt has actually a nice darn recognizable face, having actually starred in together mega-blockbusters as Twister. But the Starbucks barista who served her yesterday must have been born also late to watch that film, because they apparently mistook her for another really famous Hollywood actress. (Said barista additionally misspelled "Jodie," however frankly that"s par for the course.)

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Starbucks asked the barista if she wanted my name. She winked and said. "We gotcha" #JodieFoster pic.twitter.com/ItjBZoJzP2

— Helen hunt (

Hmmm. Well, possibly Helen Hunt and also Jodie Foster perform look alike and it was a totally understandable error?

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No, no they execute not.

And here"s the company"s effort at an apology-slash-joke, referencing yet another film that the barista plainly never saw:

One needs to wonder if said barista would certainly have likewise confused Tom Hanks for bill Murray, or if actresses end 40 — for whom there room a well known lack of Hollywood duties — room seemingly invisible sufficient so regarding be interchangeable. One of two people way, hopefully Hunt"s iced beverage assisted quell the sting of being mistaken for among her peers.

And indigenous to way baristas: even if you think you"ve got someone pegged, maybe simply let castle tell you their name anyway. (Either that, or keep the IMDB app handy on your smartphone for any kind of ZOMG-is-that-Demi-Moore-or-Sandra-Bullock moments.)

A previous version of this article identified Helen Hunt together starring in Jurassic Park. That, of course, was Laura Dern; the writer will now take her very own advice come download that darn IMDB app.

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