The Helen Keller structure for Research and also Education is cursed to furthering Helen Keller’s legacy, not just through developments in medical research, but likewise through education. Accordingly, Mrs. Keller Johnson-Thompson, great-grand nephew of Helen Keller, joined the foundation in 1994 to construct the education and learning component. Keller has been the hub for she family and the Foundation, educating the public on the many elements of the life the her well known aunt through college programs, the internet, public speak engagements and her relationships v other establishments interested in the heritage of Helen Keller. It is v these opportunities that Keller is able come share her aunt’s life story while additionally inspiring rather to make a positive difference in the lives and also the human being in which lock live. The Helen Keller structure for Research and Education understands the the post of courage and also selflessness comprise in Helen Keller’s legacy is and always will be necessary to transmit to brand-new generations – both for its very own value and as a method to promote public expertise of vision and also hearing research.

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The newspaper of the American culture of Ophthalmic Registered nurses Article about Our education and learning Program: Helen Keller – Strength, Courage and also Mission component 1 & 2

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Character Education

The Helen Keller Character education Program to be the initial regime of the Foundation’s education and learning Division, developed by Mrs. Keller Johnson-Thompson. Since 1994, Keller has visited more than 3,350 schools and touched the resides of 768,000+ students throughout the unified States. Throughout the Program, Keller displays about 80 photographs that Helen Keller throughout she life together she personally tells she aunt’s courageous story the triumph in the confront of difficulty. Product that fits right into the language, society studies, health and also science segments of one elementary school curriculum are presented and also discussed with the audience. The entire presentation lasts one hour, ending with a question and also answer opportunity. When the routine is typically available to 4th and 5th grade students, it can quickly be adjusted to accommodate an ext mature audiences.

The Character education Program gives a distinct opportunity to affect the moral development of college student by concentrating on the character and achievements of Helen Keller. Helen once said “The highest result of education is tolerance”. She to be shockingly various from other children, and her triumphs that have actually proven therefore attractive to young kids for generations teach exactly the lessons needed to promote yongin as an reliable antidote come the many acts of bullying.

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Long street Learning

In the feather of 2013, Mrs. Keller Johnson-Thompson partnered through the Alabama room of education and learning through the university of Alabama, Office of proceeding Studies, to existing the Character education and learning Program to colleges throughout the state of Alabama by usage of video casting. During these one-hour presentations, students have the right to hear and also see Keller and her props, and Keller is able to see and hear the students and also teachers together well. Towards the end of the session, students are additionally able come converse through Keller through video clip casting an innovation and ask her questions about her great-grand aunt, Helen Keller. This program is detailed at no price to public colleges within the State that Alabama.

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Public Speaking

At the young age of six, Mrs. Keller Johnson-Thompson was standing in prior of her entire elementary school in Tuscumbia, Alabama and also told them around her great-grand aunt, Helen Keller. Keller has because become a motivational, experienced public speaker, utilizing the life the Helen Keller to encourage rather to get rid of obstacles in their very own lives, hence making the people a better place for others. She has spoken to many adult groups across North America and in Europe.

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Helen Adams Keller operated for the American foundation for the blind (AFB) headquartered in brand-new York, new York, because that over 40 years. Her great grand-niece, Mrs. Keller Johnson-Thompson, likewise volunteers for AFB where she holds the very same title as that of she Aunt Helen – Ambassador. V the AFB, Keller is able to have actually an active role in transforming the ways that blind and visually impaired people live their lives on a everyday basis through independent living, employment, literacy, modern technology and governmental relations. As the Helen Keller structure for Research and Education strives come answer Helen Keller’s plea “To aid me hasten the day when there shall it is in no avoidable blindness”, that is grateful for the many ways in i m sorry AFB functions to assist those who space blind and visually impaired. To find out more, visit American foundation for the Blind.

Lions Clubs worldwide is a secular business organization v over 45,500 clubs and approximately 1,368,683 members in 205 countries around the world. In 1925, Helen Keller challenged the Lions to end up being “Knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness”, and the Lions answered her plea. Today, lock perform many services; they perform what is necessary to assist their regional communities. They do friends where they job-related – with kids who need eyeglasses – with seniors who perform not have enough to eat – and with human being they may never meet.

Keller is a member of the Tuscumbia, Alabama-USA Lions Club. Throughout she career, she has had actually a special place in her heart because that Lions and their work. To uncover out more, visit Lions club International.

Other establishments that room friends v the Helen Keller Foundation’s personality Education division and provide an useful information are: the Helen Keller Birthplace Foundation, the Helen Keller Festival, the Alabama Institute because that the Deaf and also Blind and the Perkins Institute for the Deaf and Blind.

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Keller Johnson-Thompson Presenting a Plaque to Jim McClendon in Appreciation for his assistance of the Helen Keller Character education Program

About Keller Johnson-Thompson

Keller Johnson-Thompson has actually returned come live in Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA – Helen’s hometown and also the website of Ivy Green, whereby Helen to be born on June 27, 1880. Keller is the Foundation’s evil President because that Education and is obtainable to speak at sponsored events worldwide, constant with she schedule.