institution for the Blind, established in 1829, to be the first school because that the blind in the unified States. Also 175 year ago, our founders were committed to opened the doors to education, literacy and also independence for civilization who space blind, visually impaired and deafblind.

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Education and also advocacy

With the rich tradition in devoted education, has played an important role in the history of education and learning in the unified States. More than a century ago,’ founders to be committed to developing equal opportunities for world with visual impairments.


Isabel Greeley, principal Matron the the Kindergarten 1887-1899

A guest post around Isabel Greeley that was the principal Matron that Kindergarten – the an initial kindergarten because that the blind





Laura Bridgman

Before Helen Keller, there was Laura Bridgman. The very first person that was deafblind to be formally educated, Bridgman came to in 1837 wherein her accomplishments earned her global fame.


Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan was a college student at before becoming Helen Keller’s teacher. She pertained to at the period of 14 through no education, ultimately graduating valedictorian and becoming the top selection to teach Helen Keller.


Helen Keller

After Helen Keller’s interaction breakthrough in Tuscumbia, Alabama, ann Sullivan lugged her to research at where she would certainly drastically readjust the world’s perception of people with disabilities.

* founders

In the beforehand 19th century, Dr. John Dix Fisher wanted to begin a institution for children who were blind in the united States. With assist from starting Director Samuel Gridley Howe, and also donor thomas Handasyd, the school was may be to serve a growing number of students.


Figures in history

There have been many figures in’ background that have touched the institution in one method or an additional – from Amelia Earhart come Alexander Graham Bell. Find how notable historical figures and also staff and alumni do their note on the school.

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Who to be Helen Keller?

Throughout she life, Keller dedicated her energy to advocating for economic justice and also the civil liberties of women and also of world with disabilities. She check her appropriate “to feel at home in the an excellent world” and, through her eloquence and also tireless activism, fought for the same right for all people.

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