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“I have actually no an ext tears left,” Helen McCole Bartusiak told her childhood friend Patty Rostock Marianacci critical week by call on the eve of she 21-year old daughter’s viewing and also funeral. Bartusiak has actually been do the efforts to resolve the death of her just daughter.

Skye McCole Bartusiak, who rose to reputation at very early age acting in such movies together “The Patriot,” “Don’t to speak a Word,” “Love come Softly” and also “Boogeyman,” passed away in her parents’ garage apartment in Houston, Texas, top top Saturday, July 19. Early stage indications are death due come an epileptic seizure. She reportedly had suffered through such seizures for numerous years.

Helen Bartusiak, a 1974 graduate of Wyoming Area High School, has been overseeing and managing her daughter’s exhilaration career since she to be 6 years old once Skye’s acting an abilities were first noticed. The elder Bartusiak is no stranger come the entertainment market where she is attributed as being an actress, producer, executive producer, TV host and also is a former Mrs. Pennsylvania.

Skye burst top top the movie step in 1999 at the age of 7 once she play Hazle in “The Cider home Rules” starring Toby McGuire, Michael Caine and also Charlize Theron.

She walk two more movies before co-starring in Mel Gibson’s hit, “The Patriot,” whereby she play Susan and crushed audiences through her performance, leaving anyone in tears.

One the Skye’s three biggest roles come from the Hallmark Channel’s TV movie “Love come Softly,” when she played one of the lead roles opposite Katherine Heigl. The second was a attribute film certification Michael Douglas and also the late Brittany Murphy. She later on acted in an additional movie v Murphy and co-star drew Barrymore in “Riding in Cars with Boys.”

She starred in package office hit “The Boogeyman” in 2005 through Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel and Lucy Lawless. Come date, the movie has grossed an ext than $95 million worldwide.

In her short career, Skye starred or co-starred in 27 attribute films. Her tv credits encompass shows such together “House,” “Frasier,” “Judging Amy” and “CSI.” Skye had a reoccurring role on the cult hit, “24,” for seasons two and three, play Megan Matheson the contrary Kiefer Sutherland.

Toward the center of her shortened career, she was liked to pat Helen Keller in the reprise that the Broadway fight “The miracle Worker,” playing opposite Academy Award-winner hilary Swank. Skye had the chance to meet Patty Duke, the actress who originally played Helen Keller.

The display tested its foot in Charlotte, N.C., for three weeks before moving to Broadway. Producers pulled the plug come revamp some cast and crew members and also the project never ever resurfaced.

Skye spent countless summers and holidays in higher Pittston where she went to her grandparents, the late Walter and also Johanna McCole in West Wyoming, along with her aunts, uncles and first and second cousins. She loved being in the valley and also made countless friends.

She would often attend sporting and also school events at Wyoming Area wherein her cousins, Danny and Anna Fusco, attended. That wasn’t unusual to watch Skye in Wyoming Area apparel while here and at residence in Houston.

Skye was came before in death by her grandparents, Wanda and also R. Donald Bartusiak, Sr. And also Johanna and Walter McCole.

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She is endured by her parents, Dr. R. Donald and also Helen McCole Bartusiak; brother, Stephen D. Bartusiak that Houston, Texas; fourteen aunts and also uncles, and twelve cousins life in Texas and Pennsylvania.