Film manager Tim Burton and actor Helena Bonham Carter referred to as it quits in 2014 ~ 13 years, 2 children, and a number of movies together, Vanity Fair reported. Their romance to be complicated, come say the least, through them never obtaining married and also living in adjoined houses despite being romantically involved, per Ranker. But your quirky way of living paved the way for several of Hollywood"s many beloved films, consisting of Planet the the Apes, Sweeney Todd, and Alice in Wonderland, via BBC America. Bonham Carter once defined their an unified twin homes as being a nod to their appreciation because that "personal space" in their relationship. 

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"We just have two dwellings knocked together since mine was too small," she called The Telegraph in 2010. "We watch as much of each various other as any kind of couple, but our connection is intensified by learning we have our an individual space to retreat to." She walk on to note Burton"s snoring as an additional reason for them living separately. "Tim go snore, and also that"s an element," she added. "We"ve tried several remedies that don"t work. He has a deviated septum and also doesn"t want an operation." 

In December 2014, however, the couple released a explain announcing the they had actually "separated amicably and have continued to it is in friends and also co-parent your children," Bonham Carter"s rep called People. Lock both remained silent on the reason behind their breakup till the actor broke her quiet the following year.

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Nine month after announcing she breakup, Helena Bonham Carter decided to share the "thesis" of factors why she and also Tim Burton determined to part ways. "Our partnership was always somewhat special, and I think it"ll constantly remain special," she told Red in September 2015. The couple had welcomed their kid Bill Raymond Burton and also daughter Nell Burton while properly living in conjoined houses in London. 

"We did find each other. And really, the mark of a successful relationship shouldn"t be whether you"re over there forever after," she added. "Sometimes you"re not meant to be forever together. Periodically you have actually to come to terms with the reality that the was it." She described their 13-year courtship as a "massive gift" that created "children and a lot more else." She continued, "We might be better, and still have the ability to give to every other, however not necessarily life together." Also, when it pertained to the old rumors around them no living together, Bonham Carter chimed in: "e walk by the way, due to the fact that everyone appeared to think us didn"t, but that to be a pack of myth." 

Though the two never ever married, she still contrasted their break-up to a divorce. "With divorce, you walk through massive grief — it is a fatality of a relationship. Her identity, everything, changes," she told The Standard in 2016. But she credited the "very small steps" she took when healing indigenous the dissolved romance for helping her uncover herself again.