This track about the inability of human being to communicate emotionally, was assumed by many to it is in a response to the Kennedy assassination together it was written during the same time… check out More 
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Hello darkness, mine old friendI've involved talk through you againBecause a vision easy creepingLeft its seed while ns was sleepingAnd the vision the was planted in my brainStill remains within the sound the silenceIn restless dreams, ns walked aloneNarrow roadways of cobblestone'Neath the halo of a street lampI turned my collar to the cold and dampWhen my eye were stabbed through the speed of a neon lightThat break-up the night, and touched the sound of silenceAnd in the naked light i sawTen thousand people, maybe morePeople talk without speakingPeople hearing there is no listeningPeople writing songs that voices never sharedAnd nobody dared harass the sound of silence"Fools," stated I, "You carry out not knowSilence choose a cancer growsHear mine words the I can teach youTake my arms the I might reach you"But my words, like silent raindrops, fellAnd echoed in the wells of silence
And the civilization bowed and prayedTo the neon god castle madeAnd the authorize flashed the end its warningIn the words that it was formingAnd the authorize said, "The indigenous of the prophets room written ~ above the subway walls and tenement hallsAnd whispered in the sound that silence"
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This track around the inability of human being to interact emotionally, was thought by countless to it is in a an answer to the Kennedy assassination together it was written throughout the same time and then released 3 months later in 1964. Simon’s biographer Robert Hilton defines Simon locking himself in his family’s toilet in the nights after ~ the Kennedy assassination:

It was around then that he hit part warmly evocative notes that he play over and also over again. Slowly, he began reflecting on thoughts that had been nagging in ~ him for months: the way people ignored the indigenous of those, from musicians to religious leaders, who preached versus injustice and excess materialism.

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As he satellite alone, these words eventually burst forth: “Hello darkness, my old friend.” (Hilton, Paul Simon: The Life, Simon and Schuster, 2018, p. 6)

Much to Simon’s delight, his father, Lou–a career musician that refused to flatter his kid with untruths around the high quality of his compositions–loved the tune immediately and had the play the for few of his musician friends, who additionally praised it.

Simon self denies that he tried to compose a song around anything in particular:

Whatever come out, i didn’t sit down to compose a song around alienation in America. I’m not saying the track isn’t about that, but it wasn’t my intention, and also that’s tho true of my creating today. Ns don’t ever collection out to compose a song about something, despite after a while that becomes apparent in the building and construction of a song that ns writing about something. Then I have a choice. Execute I desire to stay with that topic or shut the down?“ (Hilton, Paul Simon, pp. 58-59)

Paul Simon initially wrote the tune as an acoustic ballad for your debut, Wednesday Morning, 3 AM, but Simon & Garfunkel’s very first single version died and also the album was taken into consideration a advertisement failure.

Later in ‘65, when Simon was in England, Tom Wilson, producer the Bob Dylan’s “Like A rolling Stone” asked members the Dylan’s studio tape to include electric guitar and also drums. Columbia released the enhanced Silence, which ended up being a hit prior to Simon and also Garfunkel had even heard it. This second version peaked in ~ #1 in the U.S., and charted in 7 others countries, becoming one the the most successful remixes that all-time.

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A third version that the tune was exit in 1982 top top their worldwide successful live album, The Concert in central Park.

…we have world unable come touch other people, unable to love other people. This is a song around the i can not qualify to communicate.–Paul Simon