We’d prefer to prevent pain at every costs, however sometimes life litter a curve round that smacks us right in the face and also knocks us off our feet. It suck the air the end of us, and also it’s every we deserve to do to simply whisper, “God please aid me through this!”

Praying have the right to be so hard during those seasons. Recognize the words to pray seems practically impossible.

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Here’s a straightforward prayer you deserve to use as a springboard come get ago on your feet and also on the best track!

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God Please help Me with This

Dear Lord,

Thank you because that this day. Say thanks to you because that loving me, for prolonging mercy come me, for faithfully functioning in my heart even throughout my darkest times.

Today I’m asking you: God please assist me v this.

Help me be focused, keeping my eyes fixed on you rather of the circumstances around me. Help me check out myself as you perform – I’m a beloved daughter that the King of Kings. Speak peace into my mind. Patience my spirit. Heal my heart. Give me an knowledge of your objective for me today. Gently command me out of this pit. I’m hurting and also I need your help.

Place the right person in my course today; someone who will speak life and also encouragement into me. Also help me to open up my eyes to someone I have the right to bless today. Allow your toughness shine with me during this dark time in my life. Aid me to be her hands and also feet also when i feel bruised and also weak. I understand you will certainly be my strength.

I pray Philippians 4:7 end this day, knowing that your peace will transcend any type of of my understanding and you will guard mine heart. Aid me come renew mine mind. Guard my thoughts, Lord; I offer them to You. Transform me.

I likewise pray Philippians 4:8. Help me stay focused on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, and praiseworthy. Help me thinkon this things, and also take captive any type of thoughts that room contrary to your functions for me.

Help me take it Philippians 4:19 come heart and also be confident that you will certainly supply my requirements – every one of my needs – physical, spiritual, and also emotional.

Help me come remember that, in spite of how ns feel, i am fearfully and also wonderfully do (Psalm 139:14).

Thank girlfriend for your grace at work-related in my life, and assist me come rejoice in you today. You space holy, righteous, merciful, and an effective in mine life. Give thanks to you for your peace. Give thanks to you because that the mercy friend make brand-new every morning. Say thanks to you because that empowering me for this day.

In Jesus name, amen.

Do you feeling the mr tugging at your heart to pray longer? Then store going! add a couple of more lines. Pour your heart the end to him!

Then Meditate On these Verses

Psalm 3:3-4 — however you, Lord, are a shield about me.

Psalm 34:4 – i sought the Lord, and also he reply me; he ceded me from every my fears.

Psalm 61:2 — lead me to the Rock the is greater than I.

Psalm 86:15 – but you, Lord, room a compassionate and also gracious God, sluggish to anger, abounding in love and also faithfulness.

Psalm 91:4 — that shall sheathe me through his feathers, and also under his wings shall ns trust; his fact shall be my shield and also buckler.

Psalm 121 — I will certainly lift up my eye to the hills, from where comes mine help.

Isaiah 43:1 — however now saith the lord that developed me, and also he that formed me, are afraid not: because that I have actually redeemed you, ns have called you by name. You room mine.

This Helps, Too

Since it’s hard to uncover the words come pray throughout these difficult seasons, I’ve discovered it useful to write out scriptures verses and also jot under my thoughts on paper. A good place to begin is the 31-day Time with God Toolkit.


Instead of emotion lost and like friend don’t recognize where come begin, you’ll feel choose you have a video game plan and an synopsis for time with God each day. You deserve to write the end these bible verses and your prayers together you have a few minutes here and there, climate come ago to the later.

There’s likewise a habit tracker so you deserve to mark your progress each day. Sometimes it feels good knowing you’ve achieved something when whatever else is crashing around you!

Click here to learn more about the time With God Toolkit.

What has helped you throughout those time you’ve cried out “God please aid me v this” — I’d love to hear her testimony!

Go in elegant today.

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