Finishing up the first stage of testing, Hennessey expects the hypercar come exceed 311 mph as soon as all 1,817 horses are made available.

Photo by drew Phillips, courtesy that Hennessey Performance.

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Back at the 2017 SEMA Show, when the world was provided a an initial look at the forthcoming venom F5 hypercar indigenous Hennessey Performance, it to be a large to believe the limited-production rocket would ever attain its targeted top speed of much more than 300 mph. Remember, the wasn’t till 2019 the Bugatti got to 304.77 mph through its amendment Chiron Super sports 300+ model.

With Bugatti’s run two years in the rearview mirror at this point, and SSC phibìc America’s 1,750 hp SSC Tuatara officially clocking the average of 2 runs in ~ 282.9 mph, having a production auto eclipse 300 mph seems imminent. This is especially the instance now that we’ve viewed the gift F5 obtain two-thirds that the way there.

Hennessey just released a video clip of the F5 surpassing 200 mph during aerodynamic testing at a previous US Air force base in Arkansas. What provides the result much more impressive is that the venom F5 got to that speed while tapping right into only fifty percent of its potential power. The version carries a mid-mounted, 6.6-liter, twin-turbo “Fury” V-8 an excellent for 1,817 hp and also 1,193 ft lbs that torque, but the filmed 200 mph operation was accomplished with the engine dialed back to 900 hp.

Hennessey is tackling the gift F5’s breakthrough in 3 stages. According to the official announcement, the an initial phase started in February, as john Hennessey and also his Texas-based team zeroed in on mechanically refinement, engine fine-tuning, steering and the real-world aerodynamic validation presented in the video. Hennessey is now embarking on the 2nd stage of development, which involves calibrating the driving dynamics ~ above Texas roads, and also at storied racetracks prefer Weathertec Raceway Laguna Seca and Circuit that the Americas.

John Hennessey alongside his venom F5 hypercar.Photo by attracted Phillips, courtesy the Hennessey Performance.

The second development phase will proceed through the summer, bring about the last stage in the fall. In the last phase, designers will further refine the F5’s full-power acceleration, high-speed stability and also the an essential element the braking. As soon as everything on the punch list is checked off, Hennessey hopes to exceed a peak speed that 311 mph.

Although the model’s 6.6-liter, twin-turbo V-8 was limited to 900 hp for the current test, the engine is great for 1,817 hp and also 1,193 ft lbs the torque.Photo by drew Phillips, courtesy the Hennessey Performance.

The gift F5 gets the last little bit of its surname from the many intense classification of tornado on the Fujita scale. The F5 designation is linked with wind speeds between 261 mph and 318 mph. Blowing past the competition’s benchmarks and also getting close to the latter finish of that range would be significant for Hennessey, as this is the very first model that has emerged from the floor up.


The aerodynamic review was excellent at a previous US Air force base in Arkansas.Photo by drew Phillips, courtesy of Hennessey Performance.

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The manufacturing version the the Hennessey venom F5 will make its worldwide public debut in ~ this year’s Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance on may 22 and also 23, with deliveries because that the $2.1 million missile expected toward the end of this year. If interested, girlfriend may have actually to collection your very own speed document in responding, due to the fact that almost every one of the 24 examples are spoken for.

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