The story of a man"s battle to insurance claim his future through confronting his past. The road is not simple one together old demons resurface to threaten every little thing Eden has battled to overcome.

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Wendell Rohr is a torts lawyer taking on the total lobby. Rankin Fitch is the jury consultant because that the Defendants and also between them the fight is for the hearts and minds the the jury. But there is someone on the inside. Nicholas Easter is a juror through a girlfriend, Marlee, top top the outside. They have actually a past ..... And their own agenda.

Star Trek: Voyager is one American scientific research fiction television collection created by stack Berman, Michael Piller, and Jeri Taylor. It initially aired native January 1995 to might 2001 ~ above UPN, lasting for 172 illustration over seven seasons. The fifth collection in the Star Trek franchise, it served as the fourth sequel to Star Trek: The initial Series. Set in the 24th century, when earth is part of a joined Federation the Planets, it follows the adventures of the Starfleet vessel USS Voyager as it attempts come return house after gift stranded in the Delta Quadrant ~ above the far side of the Milky means galaxy.

Maverick is recreated native the personality James Garner created in the 1950s TV program. Maverick is a gambler that would fairly con someone 보다 fight them. That needs an additional three thousand dollars in order to go into a Winner Take every poker video game that begins in a few days. The tries to victory some, tries to collect a couple of debts, and recover a little loot because that the reward, all v a irradiate hearted air. He joins pressures with a woman gambler v a marvelous, despite fake, southerly accent as the 2 both try and get in the game.

Babylon 5 is an American an are opera television series created by writer and also producer J. Michael Straczynski, under the Babylonian Productions label, in association through Straczynski"s artificial Worlds Ltd. And also Warner Bros. Residential Television. After ~ the successful airing that a check pilot movie top top February 22, 1993, Babylon 5: The Gathering, in may 1993 Warner Bros. Commissioned the series for manufacturing as part of its element Time entertainment Network (PTEN). The present premiered in the united state on January 26, 1994, and also ran for five seasons.
Diagnosis killing is an American action-comedy-mystery-medical crime drama television collection starring dick Van Dyke as Dr. Mark Sloan, a medical doctor who solves crimes v the assist of his kid Steve, a homicide detective played by valve Dyke"s real-life boy Barry. The series began together a spin-off of Jake and also the Fatman (Dr. Note Sloan do his very first appearance in illustration 4.19 "It Never gotten in My Mind"), became a collection of 3 TV movies, and also then a weekly television series that debuted top top CBS ~ above October 29, 1993. Joyce Burditt created the episode in Jake and the Fatman and is detailed here together the creator of the spin off series.
Time Trax is an American/Australian co-produced science fiction television collection that an initial aired in 1993. A police officer, sent two centuries into the past, should apprehend and return judge criminals who have actually escaped jail in the future. This to be the last brand-new production native Lorimar Television.
An elite team of vice cops space fired indigenous the L.A.P.D. Because that being over-zealous in your war against drugs. It is immediately apparent that some of their superiors are involved in the medicine ring. Banded together, 4 of the prohibition cops (which conveniently becomes three once one is eliminated early) band together to hit the drug ring undercover. They gain capital for tools by ripping off minor drug dealers. Then well-armed they go after the kingpin (Boyd).
Zorro (also recognized as The new Zorro, new World Zorro, and also Zorro 1990) is an American action-adventure drama collection featuring Duncan Regehr together the personality of Zorro. Regehr portrayed the do not be afraid Latino hero and fencer ~ above The household Channel indigenous 1990 to 1993. The collection was shot totally in Madrid, Spain and produced by brand-new World television (U.S.), The household Channel (U.S.), Ellipse Programme that Canal plus (France), Beta TV (Germany), and also RAI (Italy). 88 illustration of the series were produced, 10 much more than the very first Zorro television series, i m sorry was created by Disney in the late 1950s.
A difficult female ex-cop-turned-bounty hunter walk after the corridor of a crazed killer that murdered her partner.
Star Trek: The next Generation (TNG) is one American scientific research fiction television series created through Gene Roddenberry. It originally aired native September 28, 1987, to might 23, 1994, in syndication, extending 178 illustration over seven seasons. The third collection in the Star Trek franchise, the is the 2nd sequel come Star Trek: The original Series. Collection in the 24th century, when earth is component of the unified Federation of Planets, it complies with the adventures of a Starfleet starship, the USS Enterprise-D, in its exploration of the Milky means galaxy.
The Bold and the Beautiful (often referred to as B&B) is one American tv soap opera developed by wilhelm J. Bell and also Lee Phillip Bell for CBS. That premiered on in march 23, 1987, as a sister show to the Bells" other soap opera The Young and the Restless; several personalities from every of the two shows have actually crossed end to the other because the early 1990s. Collection in Los Angeles, California, the show centers ~ above the Forrester family and their fashion house service Forrester Creations.
A young man transporting a auto to one more state is stalked follow me the roadway by a cunning and also relentless serial killer who ultimately frames the driver because that a string of murders. Chased by Police and also shadowed by the killer, the driver"s only help comes native a truck prevent waitress.
The gold Girls is an American sitcom television collection created by Susan Harris that originally aired on NBC native September 14, 1985, to might 9, 1992, with a complete of 180 half-hour episodes spanning 7 seasons. The present stars Beatrice Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty as 4 older women that share friendship, and also a house in Miami, Florida. It was produced by Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions, in association through Touchstone Television, and also Paul Junger Witt. Tony Thomas and also Harris offered as the initial executive producers.
Santa Barbara is one American television soap opera that aired ~ above NBC from July 30, 1984, come January 15, 1993. The display revolves roughly the eventful lives of the rich Capwell family of Santa Barbara, California. Various other prominent family members featured on the soap were the rival Lockridge family, and also the an ext modest Andrade and also Perkins families.
Set in 1965, 4 rowdy teenage males travel come Tijuana, Mexico because that a night that partying once they room joined by a heartbroken housewife that is in town seeking a fast divorce.
Zorro and Son is one American television Western based upon the character Zorro that aired top top CBS. Produced by Walt Disney Television, the collection stars Henry Darrow together Zorro (Don Diego) and also Paul Regina as his kid Zorro Jr. (Don Carlos).
T. J. Hooker is one American police drama television program starring william Shatner in the title duty as a 15-year veteran police sergeant. The collection premiered as a mid-season replacement on in march 13, 1982, ~ above ABC and ran top top the network until might 4, 1985. The present was climate picked up for a further solitary season through CBS.
The brand-new Adventures the Zorro is one American animated television series produced through Filmation in 1981. The series, which has 13 episodes, is based upon the fictitious character created by Johnston McCulley. It aired as component of The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour.
Dramatization of the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. The movie starts with the volcano"s awakening on march 20 and also ends through its eruption on might 18, 1980.
Lauren Levinson was born top top November 21, 1945 in the USA as Lauren Levian. She is an actress, well-known for Magnum, P.I. (1980), The Twilight zone (1985) and Hawaii Five-O (1968). She has been married to Henry Darrow since December 1, 1982. She was previously married come Vincent H. Chieffo.
Magnum, P.I. Is one American crime drama television series starring Tom Selleck as thomas Magnum, a private investigator (P.I.) life on Oahu, Hawaii. The series ran from 1980 come 1988 throughout its first-run transfer on the American television network CBS. According to the Nielsen ratings, Magnum, P.I. Continuously ranked in the optimal twenty U.S. Tv programs throughout the an initial five years of its initial run in the united States.
Attica is a 1980 tv film directed by Marvin J. Chomsky. It stars Morgan Freeman, Henry Darrow, Charles Durning, Joel Fabiani and Anthony Zerbe. It depicts the occasions leading up to and also during the 1971 Attica Correctional facility riot and the aftermath.
Hart come Hart is one American mystery television collection which premiered on august 25, 1979, on ABC. The present features Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers that play Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, a wealthy couple who command a glamorous jetset lifestyle and also regularly find themselves working as amateur detectives in bespeak to deal with crimes in i m sorry they end up being embroiled. The collection was produced by novelist and also television writer Sidney Sheldon. The collection concluded after five seasons on might 22, 1984, yet was followed by eight made-for-television movies, beginning in 1993.
Centennial is a 12-episode American tv miniseries, that aired ~ above NBC, from October 1978 to February 1979. The was based upon the novel the the very same name by James A. Michener, and also was created by john Wilder.
Dallas is one American prime time television soap opera the aired top top CBS from April 2, 1978, to may 3, 1991. The series revolves about a wealthy and feuding Texas family, the Ewings, who own the independent oil firm Ewing Oil and the cattle-ranching floor of Southfork. The collection originally concentrated on the marriage of Bobby Ewing and also Pamela Barnes, whose family members were sworn opponents with each other. As the collection progressed, Bobby"s older brother, oil tycoon J.R. Ewing, ended up being the show"s breakout character, who schemes and dirty business ended up being the show"s trademark. When the show ended in might 3, 1991, J.R. To be the just character come have showed up in every episode.
A rebirth of the popular "60s TV comedy collection "The Addams Family" has actually them preparing for Halloween in their very own inimitable way.
Wonder Woman, well-known for seasons 2 and 3 together The new Adventures of Wonder Woman, is an American activity superhero television collection based on the DC Comics comic publication superhero of the very same name. The display stars Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and Lyle Waggoner together Steve Trevor Sr. & Jr. It initially aired because that three periods from 1975 to 1979. The show"s very first season aired ~ above ABC and is set in the 1940s during world War II. The second and 3rd seasons aired top top CBS and are collection in the 1970s, through the title changed to The brand-new Adventures the Wonder Woman, and also a complete change of cast other 보다 Carter and Waggoner. Waggoner"s personality was changed to Steve Trevor Jr., the boy of his original character.
The Invisible Man, the second television series with this title, debuted in the united state in 1975 top top NBC and starred David McCallum together the scientist Daniel Westin and Melinda Fee together his wife, Dr. Kate Westin. The series was produced by Harve Bennett. A pilot TV movie at first aired in might 1975 and was adhered to by a 12-episode series later the year.
Harry O, occasionally spelled Harry-O, is one American personal detective collection that aired for two seasons on alphabet from 1974 come 1976. The collection starred David Janssen, and Jerry Thorpe to be executive producer. Bother O followed the broadcast of 2 pilot films: firstly together Dust as dreams Are make On (which aired on in march 11, 1973) and secondly (with noticeable retooling) smile Jenny, You"re Dead (which aired ~ above February 3, 1974), both certification Janssen.
Kojak is one American activity crime drama television collection starring Telly Savalas as the location character, brand-new York City Police department Detective sublievenant Theo Kojak. Taking the time slot the the renowned Cannon series, it aired ~ above CBS from 1973 to 1978.
After his suspension because that a Puerto Rican falling turn off a roof he was chasing , a new York City cop vows to save the streets clean after his ex-Partner is Murdered, any means he can.
The Waltons is an American television collection created by Earl Hamner Jr., based on his publication Spencer"s Mountain and a 1963 movie of the exact same name, about a household in landscape Virginia throughout the an excellent Depression and World war II.
The new Dick van Dyke present is one American sitcom starring cock Van Dyke that aired top top CBS from 1971 to 1974. It to be Van Dyke"s very first return to collection television due to the fact that The prick Van Dyke Show.
McMillan & mam (known merely as McMillan indigenous 1976–77) is an American police procedural television collection that aired ~ above NBC indigenous September 17, 1971 come April 24, 1977. Starring absent Hudson and also Susan Saint James in the title roles, the series premiered in episodes as component of universal Television"s wheel series NBC mystery Movie, in rotation with Columbo and McCloud. Initially airing ~ above Wednesday night, the original lineup to be shifted to Sundays in the second season, where it aired because that the remainder of that is run. For the final season, well-known as McMillan, numerous transforms were made, consisting of the killing turn off of St. James" character of Sally McMillan.
Bearcats! is an American western television series broadcast top top the CBS television network during the autumn 1971 television season. That starred stick Taylor and Dennis Cole as troubleshooters in the period before the American entry into people War i (1917).
Hawaii Five-O is one American police procedural drama collection produced by CBS Productions and also created by Leonard Freeman. Collection in Hawaii, the show originally aired for 12 seasons from 1968 to 1980, and continues in reruns. In ~ the airing of its last episode it to be the longest-running police drama in American tv history.
One Life come Live (often abbreviated together OLTL) is one American soap opera transfer on the ABC tv network for much more than 43 years, from July 15, 1968, to January 13, 2012, and then top top the web as a web collection on Hulu and also iTunes via The digital Network from April 29 to august 19, 2013. Produced by Agnes Nixon, the collection was the first daytime drama to primarily function ethnically and socioeconomically varied characters and consistently emphasize society issues. One Life to Live was expanded from 30 minute to 45 minutes on July 26, 1976, and then come an hour top top January 16, 1978.
The High Chaparral tv series, i m sorry aired top top NBC native 1967 come 1971, is an American Western action adventure drama collection in the 1870s. That stars Leif Erickson and Cameron Mitchell. The series was make by Xanadu Productions in association with NBC Productions, and also was created by David Dortort, who had actually previously developed Bonanza for the network. The theme song was written and conducted by Bonanza scorer David Rose, who also scored the two-hour pilot.
Mission: difficult is one American television collection created and also initially created by Bruce Geller, chronicling the exploits that a team of an enig government agents known as the difficult Missions pressure (IMF). In the an initial season, the team is led by Dan Briggs, play by Steven Hill; Jim Phelps takes fee for the continuing to be seasons, play by Peter Graves. Each episode opens up with a fast-paced montage that shots from that illustration which unfolds as the series" theme music plays, written by Lalo Schifrin, after i beg your pardon Briggs or Phelps obtain his instructions native a voice yielded on a recording which climate destroys itself.
T.H.E. Cat is one American action drama the aired on NBC throughout the 1966–1967 tv season. The collection was co-sponsored through R.J. Reynolds (Winston) and Lever Brothers and was developed by harry Julian Fink.
The Wild Wild West is an American western espionage and also science fiction television collection that ran ~ above the CBS tv network for four seasons indigenous September 17, 1965 to April 11, 1969. 2 satirical comedy television movies were made v the original actors in 1979 and also 1980, and the collection was adapted for a theatrical movie in 1999.
Daniel Boone is one American action-adventure television series starring Fess Parker together Daniel Boone the aired indigenous September 24, 1964, to may 7, 1970, top top NBC because that 165 episodes, and also was developed by 20th Century Fox Television, Arcola Enterprises, and also Fespar Corp. Ed Ames co-starred together Mingo, Boone"s Cherokee friend, for the an initial four seasons of the series. Albert Salmi shown Boone"s companion Yadkin in season one only. Nation Western singer-actor Jimmy Dean to be a featured actor as Josh Clements during the 1968–1970 seasons. Actor and also former NFL football player Rosey Grier made regular appearances as Gabe Cooper in the 1969 come 1970 season. The present was broadcast "in living color" beginning in loss 1965, the 2nd season, and also was shot totally in California and also Kanab, Utah.
Voyage come the Bottom the the Sea is an American science fiction television collection based on the 1961 movie of the exact same name. Both were created by Irwin Allen, which allowed the movie"s sets, costumes, props, special impacts models, and also sometimes footage, come be offered in the production of the television series. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea to be the very first of Irwin Allen"s 4 science fiction television collection (the 3 others being lost in Space, the time Tunnel, and also Land of the Giants), and the longest-running. The show"s template was underwater adventure.

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General Hospital (commonly abbreviation GH) is an American daytime television clinical drama. It is listed in Guinness civilization Records together the longest-running American soap opera in production and also the second longest-running drama in tv in American background after Guiding Light. Concurrently, it is the world"s 3rd longest-running scripted drama series in production after brothers serials The Archers and also Coronation Street, and the world"s second-longest-running televised soap opera tho in production. General Hospital premiered ~ above the ABC television network ~ above April 1, 1963. Basic Hospital is the longest-running serial developed in Hollywood, and also the longest-running entertainment routine in ABC tv history. The holds the document for most Daytime Emmy Awards for outstanding Drama Series, through 13 wins.