Here comes Honey Boo Boo, is an within look right into Alana's people where the six-year-old pageant sensation proves the she is an ext than simply a Go-Go Juice-drinking beauty, beauty queen. Once she's not chasing ~ crowns, Alana's with her family in landscape Georgia act what her family members does best: four-wheeling with mud pits and also picking up road kill because that the family members cookout.

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Six-year-old pageant superstar Alana, aka love husband Boo Boo takes us off the pageant stage and also into her residence with her family. It's summertime in Georgia and also that means one thing - mud. The whole family heads to the Summer Redneck games to obtain down and also dirty.

After a string of pageant losses, street Bear brings residence a new pet to cheer increase Alana: a teacup pig Alana has named Glitzy. June hires an etiquette experienced to teach Alana come be more refined because that pageants and also makes Pumpkin sign up with in ~ above the lesson.

The huge pageant is just a few weeks away so June puts she money-saving an abilities to the test to conserve for Alana's pageant fees. Alana meets v a new pageant coach and also learns her hardest routine yet. Then, the entirety family throws Chickadee a baby shower.

The family prepares because that June and Sugar Bear's anniversary. June and the girls head come the spa for a job of beauty. Then, with only two mainly till the huge pageant, June discovers the Alana's pageant dress doesn't fit and they sirloin to have a new one made.

The household decorates for an annual Christmas in July celebration but the fun as soon as Anna is rushed to the hospital with contractions. The family encounters a tough decision once June suggests sending pets pig Glitzy back to the breeder.
After a expedition to the ER, pregnant Anna returns residence with strict orders to take it it easy. As the summer weight loss difficulty draws to a close, June and the girls challenge their final weigh-in. Then, Alana and the household travel come the rock Star Divas Pageant.
It's fourth of July week and also the family members enjoys a picnic and fireworks. Sugar Bear surprises everyone through a brand-new pool, however putting it with each other is a an obstacle in the heat. June searches because that a brand-new hairpiece that could aid Alana victory at the large pageant.
With summer illustration to a close and the girls gaining bored, June think of an imaginative ways to save them every entertained. Then, to raise money for she pageant, Alana sets increase a lemonade stand and also June renders the household favorite for dinner: sketti.
June bring the girl to aid her in her favourite sport, Bingo, whereby they try to win the $1000 jackpot. Alana meets with miss out on Georgia 2011 to acquire some pageant tips. Then, the entirety family throw Alana a huge party to celebrate her seventh birthday.
Alana gears up because that her large pageant, however plans adjust last-minute once Chickadee goes right into labor. Infant Kaitlyn arrives and it's soon apparent that she's a an extremely special baby.
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For those the you who haven"t been "bit" by the Boo Boo "bug" you really should offer it a chance. It might take a couple of episodes yet by the end you"ll discover that this family, back very simple minded, room all about family in the end. Fame hasn"t unable to do to their head and also they was standing by their values. Absolutely a 180 from the garbage the end there on every those Housewife shows!
I love this show and also this family. I know that people criticize June for few of her nursing techniques, yet the an outcome is a family that loves each other really deeply. Alana to let go a pageant because of the birth of she niece and also was OK due to the fact that she knew family came first. How countless other kids would take it not gaining what they wanted so matter-of-factually and also without complaint? not many. I could snapshot myself hanging out through these folks and also having a many laughs. I look front to city hall season 2 and seeing what the Thompson Gals come up through next. Poor, sugar Bear....;-D
I couldn"t sit v it. Simply left the on in the lift while ns did other things yet had no idea what happened and didn"t treatment to revolve it ago on. Garbage of money.
Don"t be uptight, don"t judge people and also watch this great show! This family is great!! Loving and also close knit, ns love just how they create and also entertain themselves! us all have actually a little "pumpkin" or Mama June in us!
People say numerous things about this show but I think what they miss is the heart. The people in the show really love every other also though castle sneeze, cough, and also yell. Judy the mom loves her kids and also is an excellent and kind to them. She doesn"t press the pageants and seem to make fun of castle a little. I"d rather be part of this family than some top middle class family the is stifled by what everyone else thinks.

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