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Every time Notre Dame"s players operation out top top the field for a game, the intro to here Come the ireland is played. The Notre Dame women"s basketball team offers that same music because that player introductions. It"s an emotional tune that has come to be synonymous v the Fighting Irish.

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"It"s called gut instinct. I"ve been doing this a lengthy time Allison. End 50 years, therefore I"ve done this a couple of times," Jim Tullio said.

Tullio is a 2 time Grammy winning music producer.

Tullio gained his start writing jingles on major advertising campaigns in the 80s because that Ford, Hershey, Coca Cola, HBO and McDonald"s.

He also produced for stars like Aretha Franklin and Greg Allman.

He found Los Lonely Boys play in a Texas saloon.

His studio has likewise produced one of the many iconic songs in Notre Dame history.

Tullio hand-picked Cathy Richardson the Jefferson Starship because that the vocals.

"That"s what I carry out as a producer "This simply sounds favor a Cathy Richardson song. She"d be perfect because that this." and also she was. She nailed it," Tullio said.

To truly record the significance of Notre Dame they essential someone with a real connection to the university.

"I think John"s an option in life would have been a musician, if the wasn"t so great at play football," Tullio said.

John Scully played center for the irish from 1977 to 1980.

He was a captain and an all American because that the Irish however as an excellent as he to be on the gridiron, the felt he to be at his ideal behind the piano.

"When you"re a football player that knows just how to beat piano, there"s miscellaneous unusual about it," Scully said.

Scully went play 9 years for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL however he always had a calling for music.

"Football was more of an alter ego kind of thing. Music is more who i am," Scully said.

Scully retired in the Joliet, Illinois area and eventually got to out to Tullio in Chicago.

"From that point, gradually at an initial and ultimately in a flood, we did a very large body of work we put together end the years. Among those jobs in "97 ended up being Here Come the Irish," Scully said.

Scully composed the lyrics.

"He"s an exceptionally sensitive musician and he"s got good skill. And he"s got great musicality, i beg your pardon is rare. Particularly being a agree football player. That would"ve thunk? I median John deserve to write the most beautiful melodies that you can imagine, together he"s choose knocking down the male in prior of him. He"s reasoning of these beautiful melodies," Tullio said.

Tullio created the music.

"I gained on the piano, he to be on the guitar, "How about this? How about that?" and also eventually it came together, actually really quick," Scully said.

Richardson lugged the song to life

"I mean, it type of has taken a life the its own. And when ns hear that song, I have actually the very same feelings the you do. Once I hear the song, the evokes the same feelings the you have. But it evokes that feeling of sportsmanship and also unity and that totality thing," Tullio said.

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"It"s knowing what that does come people. Because it"s the community that"s invested that type of deep definition into the music and into the lyrics and what the emotional influence of the two merged brings about," Scully said.