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Below is every little thing you must know about the Super key in 2021, the 55th iteration the what has actually grown right into America"s best sporting event.

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When is Super key 2021?

Date: Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021Kickoff time: 6:30 p.m. (unofficial)TV channel: CBS

The super Bowl has never to be played later on the calendar 보다 Feb. 7, with Super key 50 (Panthers vs. Broncos) and Super bowl 44 (Saints vs. Colts) additionally played on that date. It comes, as it often does, ~ a scheduled off week following the conference championship games. The agree Bowl is played during that off week.

The 2021 Super key was originally slated come be broadcast by NBC as component of its rotation through CBS and also Fox that was agreed upon in 2006. Yet to parcel the at sight Bowl v the 2022 Winter Olympics, NBC switched locations with CBS, enabling CBS to transfer Super key 55.

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CBS has broadcast the at sight Bowl an ext than any kind of other network, as this will certainly be the 21st version of the game presented on CBS. The network will certainly surely have its top broadcast crew top top the game, which way Jim Nantz offering play-by-play details if Tony Romo adds color commentary. 

In Canada, the game will be transfer on TSN and also CTV, together with being live streamed ~ above DAZN.

Every at sight Bowl due to the fact that 2003 has actually taken place during the an initial week that February. Indigenous 1967-2003, all but one Super bowl took ar in January.

Where is Super key 2021?

City: Tampa, FloridaStadium: Raymond James Stadium

The 2021 Super key is ensuing at the residence of the Tampa only Buccaneers, yet don"t contact the city chin Tampa just — that"s simply a construct offered by experienced sports teams. Raymond James stadion is located in Tampa, Florida, the third time a Super bowl is taking place at the stadium and also the fifth in its entirety time in Tampa.

The video game was initially slated come take location in Los Angeles, but some building and construction delays expected that the NFL owners voted in may 2017 to relocate Super key 55 to Tampa and instead provide L.A. Super bowl 56. 

The NFL seldom awards at sight Bowls come anything taken into consideration out-of-date, for this reason it"s only organic that Raymond James Stadium freshly underwent renovations that encompass an advanced HD video clip system, v two huge video board (one in ~ each finish of the stadium) and four HD tower walls, ranking it as the third-largest video clip board device in the NFL.

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Raymond James stadium holds 65,000 people and can be increased to hold 75,000, although in 2020, the Buccaneers haven"t hosted even 20,000 fans at a game yet because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"The Tampa only area has actually enjoyed an excellent success over the year hosting supervisor Bowls and also we look forward to working with our local leaders in the coming months to satisfy the requirements for hosting Super bowl LV in 2021," Buccaneers co-chairman Bryan Glazer said in a release. "Today"s announcement provides us the possibility to showcase Tampa Bay"s unique ability to come with each other as a host for world-class events."

Super key 18 (Raiders 38, Washington 9) was the first iteration the the video game to take place in Tampa at the old Tampa Stadium, which additionally hosted Super key 25 (Giants 20, bills 19). The game came back to Raymond James stadium for Super key 35 (Ravens 34, Giants 7) and Super key 43 (Steelers 27, Cardinals 23).

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Super key 2021 odds

Opening spread: Chiefs -3.5Moneyline: Chiefs -175; Buccaneers +140Over/under: 57.5

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers opened as underdogs to defeated Patrick Mahomes and the defending champion Chiefs in Super bowl 55. Kansas City to be the preseason favourite (+600) to victory back-to-back Super bowl titles, while Tampa organized the fifth-best odds (+1200) after signing Brady.

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Future Super key locations, hold sites

There"s a bit of added intrigue to the list of future Super key hosts many thanks to the NFL"s recent decision to relocate the next Super bowl that brand-new Orleans hosts ago to 2025. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome to be slated to host the 2024 event, yet a problem with Mardi Gras combined with the NFL"s 17-game continuous season make that adjust necessary. 

According to CNBC, the NFL will certainly decide on the 2024 host during the next year. It"ll look for what it does with all its master — the recent amenities and also renovations, prime place for fans and the head honchos, together with pretty much constantly choosing a warm-weather spot (or if needed, a dome).