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"Parents simply Don"t Understand" is the second single from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The fresh Prince"s 2nd studio album, He"s the DJ, I"m the Rapper. The tune won a Grammy compensation for finest Rap power at the 1989 Grammy Awards, one of the two songs to execute so before the award was discontinued in 1991. That peaked in ~ #12 top top the Billboard hot 100. The song was released together a solitary in spring 1988. The tune was referenced numerous times in the television present The new Prince the Bel-Air.

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The tune was ranked #96 top top VH1"s 100 best Songs of hip Hop, and the music video was featured in the 2003 movie Malibu"s most Wanted. Much more »

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You know parents space the sameNo issue time no one placeThey don"t recognize that united state kidsAre going come make part mistakesSo to you, every the children all throughout the landThere"s no need to argueParents just don"t understand"Parents" 24 lines, 734 characters.I mental one yearMy mother took me school shoppingIt was me, mine brother, my mom, oh, my pop, and my tiny sisterAll hopped in the carWe top downtown come the gallery MallMY mommy started bugging v the garments she choseI didn"t speak nothing at firstI simply turned up mine noseShe said, "What"s wrong? This shirt expense $20"I said, "Mom, this shirt is plaid v a butterfly collar!"The next half hour to be the exact same old thingMy mommy buying me clothes from 1963And climate she lost her mind and did the ultimateI asked her for Adidas and also she bought me Zips!I said, "Mom, what are you doing, you"re damaging my rep"She said, "You"re only sixteen, friend don"t have actually a rep yet"I said, "Mom, let"s put these garments back, please"She said "no, you walk to college to discover not for a fashion show"I said, "This isn"t Sha Na Na, come on Mom, I"m not BowzerMom, you re welcome put earlier the bell-bottom Brady Bunch trousersBut if friend don"t want to I have the right to live v that butYou gotta put back the double-knit reversible slacks"She wasn"t moved - whatever stayed the sameInevitably the very first day of institution cameI assumed I might get over, i tried come play sickBut my mommy said, "No, no way, uh-uh, forget it"There to be nothing I might do, ns tried come relaxI acquired dressed up in those ancient artifactsAnd as soon as I walked right into school, that was simply as ns thoughtThe kids were cracking up laughing at the clothing Mom boughtAnd those that weren"t laughing still had a ballBecause they to be pointing and also whisperingAs ns walked down the hallI got home and told mine Mom exactly how my day wentShe said, "If they to be laughing girlfriend don"t require the,"Cause they"re not an excellent friends"For the following six hrs I make the efforts to describe to mine MomThat i was gonna have to go with this around 200 much more timesSo to you all the children all across the landThere"s no have to argueParents just don"t understandOK, here"s the situation"parents" 68 lines, 2662 characters.My parents went away on a week"s holidays andThey left the secrets to the brand brand-new PorscheWould they mind?Umm, well, of course notI"ll simply take it because that a small spinAnd maybe present it off to a pair of friendsI"ll just cruise it about the neighborhoodWell, possibly I shouldn"tYeah, that course ns shouldPay attention, here"s the special of the plotI pulled up to the edge at the finish of mine blockThat"s as soon as I saw this beautiful girlie girl walkingI choose up my car phone to perpetrate like I was talkingYou should"ve checked out this girl"s bodily dimensionsI honked mine horn simply to acquire her attentionShe said, "Was the for me?"I said, "Yeah"She said, "Why?"I said, "Come on and also take a ride through a helluva guy"She said, "How execute I understand you"re not sick?You might be some deranged lunatic"I said, "see "mon toots, my name is the PrinceBeside, would certainly a lunatic have actually a Porsche favor this?"She agreed and we to be on our wayShe to be looking very an excellent and so to be I, I have to say - wordWe struggle McDonald"s, pulled right into the driveWe ordered two large Macs and also two large fries through CokesShe kicked her shoes turn off onto the floorShe said, "Drive fast, speed turns me on"She put her hand on my knee, I put my foot ~ above the gasWe nearly got whiplash, i took off so fastThe sun roof was open , the music was highAnd this girl"s hand was steadily moving up mine thighShe had actually opened up three buttons on her shirt therefore farI guess that"s why i didn"t notification that police carWe"re act ninety in my Mom"s brand-new PorscheAnd to do this long story brief - shortWhen the cop pulled me over i was scared together hellI said, "I don"t have actually a license yet I drive an extremely well, officer"I nearly had a heart assault that dayCome to find out the girl to be a twelve-year-old runawayI was arrested, the automobile was impoundedThere to be no means for me to avoid being groundedMy parents had actually to come turn off from vacation to obtain meI"d rather be in jail 보다 to have actually my dad hit meMy parental walked inI gained my grip, i said, "Ah, Mom, Dad, exactly how was your trip?"They didn"t speakI said, "I want to plead my case"But my father simply shoved me in the automobile by mine faceThat to be a tough ride home, ns don"t know just how I survivedThey took turns -One would certainly beat me when the other one to be drivingI can"t think it, I just made a mistakeWell parents space the same no issue time no one placeSo to you all the kids all throughout the landTake it kind meParents simply don"t understand

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