The sitcom ran indigenous 1969 come 1974 on ABC, telling the story of two households merging together producing an 8 member family and a caretaker.It came to be even more popular after its… check out More 

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Here's the story that a lovely ladyWho to be bringing up three very lovely girlsAll that them had hair the gold, prefer their mother.The youngest one in curls.Here's the story the a man named BradyWho was busy with 3 boys of his own.They were four men living every togetherYet lock were all aloneTill the one day as soon as the lady met this fellow.And they knew the it to be much an ext than a hunch,That this group must somehow type a family,That's the means we all became the Brady bunch.The Brady bunch, the Brady bunch.That's the method we became the Brady bunch.
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The sitcom ran indigenous 1969 come 1974 on ABC, informing the story that two households merging together developing an 8 member family and also a caretaker.

It ended up being even an ext popular after ~ its original run in syndication.


Television’s best Hits Volume II (1986)
Various Artists
The Brady Bunch template Song
Written By
Frank De Vol & Sherwood Schwartz
Release Date
Interpolated By
The Brady Bunch by "Weird Al" Yankovic, The Brady Gleeks by Maribeth McCarthy & The Shady Bunch by The Cast of RuPaul’s drag Race, Season 12 (Ft. Brita Filter, Crystal Methyd, Heidi N Closet, Jackie Cox, Jaida Essence Hall, Jan Sport, Rock M. Sakura, RuPaul & Widow Von'du)
Cover By
The Brady Bunch template by Richard Cheese

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