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<NOTE: because I started digging right into this subject in the fall of 2014, this short article has become the number one most-read story in the history of this website. I update it periodically when warranted. And also dammit, part day we’ll gain to the bottom the this. – AC>

It was probably in the feather of 1987 as soon as I first heard the one-of-a-kind audience lyrics in the Billy Idol version of the Tommy James classic, “Mony Mony.” i was hosting one of the old CFNY video clip Roadshows at a high school somewhere in southerly Ontario. Once Martin Streek, the guy in charge of playing the videos, flipped to this clip, the dancers erupted.

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At first, i couldn’t make how what they to be yelling. “What room they shouting?” i asked Martin. The helpfully analyzed with the suitable arm gestures.

Billy: Here she come now singing Mony MonyDancers: HEY MOTHERF*CKER gain LAID get F*CKED!Billy: Well, shoot ’em down, revolve around, which MonyDancers: HEY MOTHERF*CKER get LAID obtain F*CKED!Billy: Hey she offer me love and I feel alright nowDancers: HEY MOTHERF*CKER gain LAID gain F*CKED!

I looked in ~ him weird. “How execute they understand what to say?”

A confused look came across Martin’s face for a moment; it was evident that he’d never taken into consideration the question before. Then he simply shrugged and turned to address a really angry major who to be appalled the such obscenities would be chanted by his students in his gym in ~ his school.

The question of the beginnings of the unique audience participation text has remained in the back of my mind ever before since. Maybe it’s time to deal with it once and also for all–if that’s also possible.

* * *

Wikipedia defines a meme in the complying with way:

An idea, behavior or format that spreads from person to human being within a culture.” A picture acts as a unit because that carrying cultural ideas, icons or practices, which deserve to betransfer native one mind to an additional through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. Pendant of the ide regard mim as cultural analogues to genes in the they self-replicate, mutate and respond to selective pressures.

Over the last decade, we’ve all end up being familiar v dozens of Internet memes: Star battles Kid, LOL cats, the Rickroll and also so on. But this principle of ideas and also behaviours dispersing within a society goes far, far ago into the depth of time. At your core, language, religion and also all manner of society conventions room memes. Someone comes up through an idea. Another person likes it and also spreads to another person–and so on and so on and also so on until it’s a generally accepted practice and also everyone is law it.

How memes take root and also travel is a severe area of examine for cultural anthropologists and also sociologists. Such study deserve to tell us a lot about a culture, the language, its mores and folkways and various creates of communication.

Yes, what you’re about to review is obscene and also vulgar, but try to collection that aside because that a moment. Instead try to focus on the secret of where the “Mony Mony” audience singing began, exactly how it spread and how it mutated.

First, a tiny history. “Mony Mony” was composed in 1968 by Tommy James, an American singer who had actually a string of fight singles with the 60s. The title comes from a authorize on a building that James can see native his apartment in Manhattan: the MONY Building, short for mutual of brand-new York. The song got to #3 in both Canada and also the US and also was a #1 struggle in the UK.

Over the next decade, the track was covered numerous times with varying degrees of success. But then come Billy Idol.

In 1981, fresh from leave Generation X, Billy exit a four-track EP licensed has been granted Don’t Stop. The an initial song on the disc was his take on “Mony Mony.” back it was released together a single, it to be a stiff, controlling no far better than #107 ~ above the Billboard hot 100.

But by the moment Idol re-released the song in a live version on October 2, 1987 (and coinciding v the phibìc American relax of his Vital Idol collection), an interesting and also inexplicable phenomenon had actually taken root whenever the track was carry out live or play in a club, in ~ a dance or even a wedding reception: the venomous call-and-response audience chant in between the lines of the verses.

How walk this occur? It definitely wasn’t via the Internet since in 1987, no one other than a few hardcore geeks knew what the was. That couldn’t have been through radio airplay since no radio version v the chanting bit was ever released. And it definitely wouldn’t have actually been through video clip play because neither MTV or MuchMusic would have dared play something through such vulgarities.

Furthermore, this seems to have largely been a phibìc American phenomenon–or at the very least I haven’t to be able come uncover any kind of evidence of the singing originating (or also being used) in Britain, Europe or almost everywhere else in the world. The chants were basically the same yet with slight regional differences. The earliest conversation board post I can find on the subject is from may 20, 1989.

(There’s little documentation i can point out for the following, but this is what I’ve managed to glean from assorted message boards dating ago to the late 80s. This is far from a substantial list, therefore corrections/additions/elaborations space welcome in the comments section.)

Southern Ontario/New York state/Ohio/Pennsylvania: “Hey, motherfucker! obtain laid, acquire fucked!”Wisconsin/Colorado/British Columbia: “Hey, what’s that? get laid, acquire fucked!”Texas: “Come on, everybody! obtain laid, obtain fucked!”Some university campuses: “Hey, hey, slut! obtain laid, obtain fucked!”Elsewhere: “Hey, hey what? obtain laid, gain fucked!”and “Hey, get drunk, acquire laid, obtain fucked!”

There were most likely others, yet you get the drift.

These chants appeared to arise spontaneously and at more-or-less the very same time. Why? It’s unclear, yet here room some theories:

1. Some maintain that the legacy extends ago to 1969 when the original Tommy James variation was played in brand-new York City clubs like The Guest House and also the 44th Street Armory. (Link to discussion board post.)

2. One rumour entails lip-reading. There’s allegedly a video where we can clearly see Idol mouthing those words. Delving further, it shows up that Idol self endorses the “Hey, motherfucker! get laid, acquire fucked!” version of the chant. Witnesses say the endorsement goes earlier to an Idol display at Mandalay only in las Vegas sometime in the so late 80s. Here’s an example of Idols performing the song in the now-accepted fashion.

3. When the Don’t Stop EP was released, Idol showed up on MTV through Martha Quinn. Throughout the interview, it’s alleged the he admitted to losing his virginity come the Tommy James version. Skip ahead to 7:50 of the interview come hear what he says.

Billy additionally chronicled the story in his autobiography, Dancing through Myself.

In 1970, the back of the charity shop be afflicted with Bromley south held countless wonders.

“Do you want to fuck?” ns asked. And also she said yes! I’d never had sex, so ns was a little bit nervous together she took me through the hand.

She must have actually sensed the situation. “You’re a virgin, aren’t you? she fifty percent asked, half declared. “No, I’ve excellent it before,” i lied together we walked increase the hill because that a tumble in Church house Gardens. Us went behind part bushes and also she lay down. I got on height aand obtained hard yet was having actually a little bit of trouble obtaining it in her, it being my very first time. She rolled me over and said, “Oh, let me do it,” and she grounding my cock insider her and also really shagged me.

As we were at it, “Mony Mony” by Tommy James and the Shondells was playing on someone’s transistor radio nearby…

* *

About three years after ~ this initial post, i picked up the phone on a Sunday evening to discover Billy on the line. Here’s what he had actually to say about all this.

Well, the adds a fair amount come the story. Yet who to be those frat dudes in England ago in the middle 80s? can they be tracked down to get their take on the matter? England: I’m count on you. Dig around.

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So whereby does this leave us? Sadly, no closer to the reality than once we started. The beginnings of the “Mony Mony” meme stays a mystery. Maybe this might work as a phd thesis for some budding social anthropologist. Or perhaps someone will review this and also offer much more evidence.