Albany, Bahamas

November 29 – December 5, 2021

Exciting golf in an to exclude, setting, the Hero World an obstacle combines the finest of luxury with 18 of the world top-ranked golfers in ~ Albany, Bahamas.

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Hospitality at the Hero World difficulty is in a organization of that is own. Supplying premium dining and also views on peak of the finishing holes, inside-the-ropes golf experiences and also exclusive evening occasions for guests, the week in ~ Albany, Bahamas is i can not forget both on and also off the course.

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The Hero World an obstacle field will increase from 18 to 20 players beginning in 2021. The tournament, organized by Tiger Woods, will return to Albany, Bahamas November 29 – December 5.


You’ve checked out them around the course at professional golf tournaments. You’ve most likely ran right into them, stood against them, wished you might avoid them. We’re talking around the ropes separating fans from the action on the course. Thin, green and also white rope strung at waist elevation a couple of yards off the tees, fairways and greens. During the Hero World difficulty at Albany, Bahamas, duck below the rope line and also go inside through the pros for 18 holes.


There have actually been no shortages the highlights end the years at Albany, Bahamas. From champions stringing together lengthy runs that birdies and eagles, to feet outs and holes in one, the action on-course in ~ the Hero World challenge has been nothing short of thrilling.


There have been no shortages of highlights end the year at Albany, Bahamas. From champion stringing together lengthy runs the birdies and eagles, to feet outs and also holes in one, the action on-course at the Hero World an obstacle has to be nothing short of thrilling.

ALBANY, Bahamas – As component of ongoing relief and also rebuilding initiatives following Hurricane Dorian, the Hero World challenge has added $184,500 to the ONE Bahamas money through a charity difficulty to the players.

Be part of our volunteer team the helps do the Hero World an obstacle a success. Volunteer perks include:

Inside the ropes through the best field in golfNike volunteer uniform packageLimited volunteer methods available

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Thank you come our sponsors and their assistance of youth education through the Hero world Challenge.

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Hero MotoCorpCiti exclusive BankThe Bahamas ministry of Tourism

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Don’t miss any type of of the action from the recent videos, photos and stories indigenous the Hero people Challenge.

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