In Heroes of the Storm, players complete with each various other in five-versus-five team brawls. When the game’s multiplayer settings are what do the video game so addicting, part players problem that playing these modes for prolonged periods that time will drain their minimal internet data. Luckily, Heroes the the Storm doesn’t use as much data as countless other virtual games.

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So precisely how much data perform you usage playing Heroes that the Storm? Let’s take it a closer look in ~ the data you usage downloading, updating, and playing the game on Windows computer or Mac OS. If you desire to beat Heroes of the Storm without thinking around how lot data you’re using, simply switch to an countless installed 4G LTE connection with no data cap and also no bandwidth throttling.

How lot data perform you use downloading Heroes that the Storm?

Downloading Heroes that the Storm uses much an ext data 보다 playing Heroes the the Storm. If the size of most video game downloads transforms often as developers release patches and updates, Blizzard to chat no longer makes significant updates to Heroes the the Storm, therefore the game’s approximate download dimension and record size should stay around the same.

PlatformFile size
Windows PC15.6 GB
Mac OS15.6 GB

There’s an easy method to protect against using a ton of data ~ above the video game download

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. If you’re afraid your data setup won’t assistance the download, acquisition the physical disk and install the game offline instead.


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How lot data perform you use updating Heroes that the Storm?

Blizzard Entertainment quiet releases patches for Heroes the the Storm, i beg your pardon you have the right to take a look in ~ in the spot Notes. These patches vary in size, but downloading this patches frequently uses more data than playing the game. If you worried about patches advertise you over her monthly data limit, turn off auto-updates and manually install patches when you have extra data.

How much data execute you usage playing Heroes that the Storm?

Heroes that the Storm provides as tiny as 30 MB the data every hour, which is very low for virtual gaming. The precise amount that data you usage playing the video game depends on even if it is or no you use voice chat, your frame rate, and also the tick price of your server:

A greater frame price refreshes the game more often, which renders the video game run faster. A lower structure rate saves you data, yet makes it harder for you come react easily in the game. You can adjust your frame rate (measured in FPS) in your game settings. To readjust your frame rate, you’ll need to disable vertical synch (V-Synch).The tick rate of your server likewise affects her data use. A 128-tick server, i m sorry refreshes the video game 128 times every second, uses about twice as much data as a 64-tick server, which refreshes the game 64 times every second. If you usage a 64-tick server, you’ll conserve data, yet have a more difficult time reacting quickly in the game.

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Upgrade to endless 4G LTE

If you want to beat Heroes that the Storm without thinking about data use, consider switching come an unlimited 4G LTE connection with no data cap and no bandwidth throttling. Speak to 866-439-6630 to find out more about our endless plans for virtual gamers.