Jennifer Salfen-Tracy dispersed images the her kid in the wishes of increasing awareness around addiction.

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Like countless before and after pictures, the photos Jennifer Salfen-Tracy common on social media show a distinct difference. But the mother"s image are specifically tragic: They show the heartbreaking devastation of addiction on her oldest son, Cody Bishop.

“The challenge of heroin and also meth … is fact for so plenty of people and also families in the world,” Salfen-Tracy wrote in a Facebook write-up that she make private. “I have learned follow me this course that so numerous people and also families deal with the very same heartache however just perform not talk about it.”

Jennifer Salfen-Tracy's photos of her child before and also after drug addiction walk viral and helped the mom discover Cody Bishop and prepare that to enter rehab. Getty Images

Taken just seven months apart, the first picture that Bishop showed a healthy young guy with vast shoulders, a muscular build and also blond hair. The later on photo revealed what looks favor the ghost of the first man. Bishop still had the telltale blond hair however he is emaciated, his collarbones poke out of a tank top and also sores cover his skin.

While Salfen-Tracy was not only pertained to by she son’s sickly appearance, she to be consumed by worry because she had actually lost touch through him.

“Cody is tho homeless in ras Vegas and I have not heard from him in main now. Hearing how bad he is act is hard however not hear at all is worse. The unknown is what renders a human not sleep in ~ night. That is hard to understand exactly how someone who has actually families and children that love and also need castle live the life lock do,” she composed on Facebook.

Salfen-Tracy common her pain and also frustration as to raise awareness around addiction.

"This is a true issue in our people the we should pull together and also focus on come fix," she wrote.


The article had gone viral v 41,000 reactions to it, almost 30,000 comment and an ext than 60,000 shares. While numerous people offered prayers and encouragement, others shared stories about their own loved people grappling v addiction. One woman explained that she lost her husband come heroin.

“I still don’t understand what I might have done to adjust the outcome,” the mrs wrote. “I pray your boy sees the light and also love you space offering and also goes to rehab."

Another woman listed she and also Salfen-Tracy have actually something in common: Both have actually sons struggling with addiction that they can’t find.

“I have actually a son that’s the end there top top heroin. And also he’s been absent for a month now. I’m worn down of worrying yet I can’t help myself not discovering if the is dead or alive,” she said.


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America is caught in a disastrous epidemic that addiction and drug overdose deaths. Almost 1 million Americans had a methamphetamine usage disorder in 2016 and heroin use has been ~ above the increase in the U.S. Since 2007, according to the national Institute on medicine Abuse.

Salfen-Tracy thanked the people she’s met the knew Bishop and have do the efforts to aid him and also urges the country to deal with addiction prior to ending through a personal plea.

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“Let’s obtain a hold of this issue America and help each other. Many thanks again for everyone’s love and also support. And, Cody if you view this please speak to us,” she wrote. “We love you!”

"Hopefully in the next few days (Bishop) will be in the treatment facilities," she shared. "Continued prayers in their strength as we merge in that direction. I simply want to say thanks to EVERYONE that may have actually been connected at all. That all began with simply a FB short article as an update to my family and also friends and awareness around addiction."

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