I am constantly surprised come meet civilization who make travel appointments without ever taking a glance at the cancellation policy.

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Generally, once it pertains to travel girlfriend are dealing with two varieties of cancellation policies: prepaid reservations (“Pay Now”) that pressure you to pay a fee come cancel and the “Pay Later” appointments that permit you more flexibility.

In this article, ns will breakdown the Hertz cancellation policy and also explain every one of the potential fees you can have come pay and how you have the right to avoid them by cancelling at the appropriate time.

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Hertz prepaid (Pay Now) cancellation fees

What is the Hertz cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy forHertz relies on the form of rental that you booked (pay now vs. Pay later). As lengthy as you cancel and also are no a no show, you will certainly not be responsible for the whole price that a prepaid booking and instead will certainly only have to pay a cancellation fee. The amount of that fee simply depends on as soon as you cancel and also I will enter detail around those fees below.

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Cancellation fees will match the everyday rate if the rate is listed below $50.

Cancelling within 24 hours prior to the choose up time

If friend cancel your Hertz booking in ~ 24 hours prior to the pick up time climate you will need to pay the day price of the rental

So if you had actually a rental scheduled for noon the next day and also you cancel at 9 afternoon the night before then you will certainly likely need to pay the day rate of the rental. So if the daily rental rate is $90, you’ll be stuck with a $90 cancellation fee.

Again, if the daily rate is $50 or below, then this cancellation fee will be the same as the dues above.


If you finish up just not showing up to choose up her rental car, climate you will need to pay the entire rental fee. So the is constantly recommended that you simply call in to cancel to protect against the high fees the a no-show.

Also, if you pick to end your rental brief you will likely need to pay for the full amount. So for example if girlfriend booked a five day rental and only supplied it for three days you would still likely need to pay for the last 2 days if you had a prepaid booking.


In some cases you can obtain the cancellation fee waived, together as once someone traveling with you is sick and also you’re can not to take the trip with the car. In situations like that, simply call Hertz and also inquire about getting the fees waived (you can need to show documentation in part cases).

If you purchased your automobile rental through a credit card that has actually travel insurance, friend can acquire reimbursed because that these pre-paid car rental expenses.


If you finish up making changes to her prepaid appointments then you will be responsible because that the distinction in price in between your old booking and also the new booking.

Possible changes that can incur a fee include transforms to:

Drop turn off locationPick increase date and timeDrop off time and also dateVehicle groupAirline and flight numberNeverLostChild seatsAll other added products

You deserve to make these transforms online or just by calling in. If you room trying to monitor the price the a rental car then I would certainly recommend you to look right into this website.You will be able to track the price of her booking and get advises if over there is a price drop.

Tip: Something else to be aware of as soon as it comes to prepaid bookings is that you need to have the credit card information and also driver enhance at the moment of rental. If you display up through a renter whose name is no on that credit transaction card climate you may not be able to take advantage of the unique savings because that a prepaid booking.

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HertzPay later cancellation fees (pay in ~ the counter)

There room no cancellation fees for Pay later on bookings with Hertz.

This way that you deserve to make a car rental booking and never even display up and also you must not be charged anything (they most likely won’t even have your credit transaction card information). With that said, they do request because that you come cancel at least one day before the expedition to help free up inventory for other customers.

Some world have reported that a pop-up home window has verified up when they try to do a Pay later looking and that the pop up home window shows some cancellation fees (which are periodically cheaper 보다 the conventional Pay now cancellation fees).

This can be much more common in high demand time frames or perhaps when dealing with greater end vehicles. It additionally could be much more common in various other destinations such as Europe. For example one person received the following message ~ above making a Pay later booking:

NO shows / shed RENTALS– If girlfriend pay in ~ location, fail come cancel her reservation and do no collect the auto on the pick up date, us reserve the best to make a No present / shed Rental charge of EUR 65.00, GBP 65.00 (or the indistinguishable in the destination currency, to exclude, of VAT) i beg your pardon recovers our management costs. This will be taken from the credit card you supplied to make your booking. At this time applicable just to rentals in Europe and also where the preventive for that rental was likewise made in Europe or in the united States.

So save an eye out for that simply in case.

Hertz customer organization phone number

If friend have any questions around the cancellation policy, friend can constantly contact Hertz customer business at this phone call number: 1(800)654-4173.

Hertz gold Members

According come a Hertz agent i spoke with, Hertz gold members don’t get any kind of special benefits concerning cancellation. However, if you have actually status through Hertz it wouldn’t hurt to ask to obtain the cancellation fees waived because you never know what they might do.

If you space planning on do a auto rental with Hertz climate you must look into their loyalty program and sign up because that it.

Hertz states, “Hertz yellow Plus Rewards numbers cannot be included to an existing reservation online.” So girlfriend will desire to add your Hertz yellow number at the time of booking for her convenience (they can probably do it via phone).

With Hertz gold status, girlfriend might be able to take advantage of part perks like special upgrades and better selection the vehicles.

For example, right here are several of the benefits offered by the top-tier status:

Confirmed vehicleavailability of conventional Equipment economic situation through Full-Size 4 door vehicles in the U.S. And Canada with a minimum 48 hour breakthrough reservation.Confirmed vehicleone-car-class upgrade available at every participating locations in the U.S., Canada and select europe locations.25% bonus top top Hertz gold Plus Rewards Points.675 Rewards Points ~ every 15 qualifying rentals.

Read an ext about this elite condition here.

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Final word

Cancellation fees for rental cars are not nearly as strict together they space for hotels and also airfare. Through both that those form of appointments you have the right to be forced to sheathe the entire expense of the ticket or booking if you select to release a prepaid booking. Luckily with the rental car agency Hertz you deserve to avoid the fee totally or just pay a little amount when you cancel.