In the 1980s and ’90s, Nickelodeon to be going hog wild for original, live-action shows. Program like The Adventures the Pete & PeteSalute her ShortsClarissa defines It All and Welcome Freshmen to be staples that the network’s programming for years. One of the many fondly remembered was Hey, Dude!, a show around a divorce accountant from brand-new Jersey who buys a ranch in Arizona. That was mainly character-driven, with episodes revolving about both the owner, Benjamin Ernst, and also his son acclimating to a brand-new life out west and the ranch’s staff.

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The present ran for five seasons, covering from 1989 come 1991 and is still accessible on iTunes and Amazon Prime. A many time has actually passed due to the fact that then, and also while the set isn’t looking therefore great, many of the actors seems to it is in doing alright.

Christine Taylor – “Melody Hanson”

David Lascher, who played the scheming however charming Ted ~ above the show, has had a solid post-Hey Dude career v supporting functions on the Clueless TV spinoff and also Blossom, and an appearance in the 1996 Ridley Scott film White Squall. In 1999, Lascher take it a function alongside other Nickelodeon alum Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa defines It All) together love interest and also coffee-house manager mock on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and, in 2014, functioned with she again in Melissa and Joey, which also co-stars Joey Lawrence from Blossom. “Whoa!”

Behind the camera, Lascher directed and also co-wrote the 2014 indie film, Sister.

Jonathan Galkin – “Jake Decker”

When David Lascher temporary left the show, Galkin was cast as “Jake Decker” — Ben Ernst’s nephew from Los Angeles — to take it his place. At some point Ted returned and Jake found himself a rival because that the affections of Brad.

Galkin, top top the various other hand, decided not come bother v the affections that Hollywood after Hey, Dude! ended. Instead, the went ~ above to found DFA Records along with James Murphy and also Tim Goldsworthy. That is still in fee of the label, i beg your pardon counts LCD Soundsystem as among its signed acts.

Everyone rather From ‘Bar no one Dude Ranch’

Not anyone from Hey, Dude! walk on to have actually a career in entertainment. Here’s a fast look at the actors members who made decision the limelight wasn’t for them.

Debrah Kalman – “Lucy” — After Hey, Dude!, Lucy continued to plot part-time but, because that the many part, opted to go back to teaching full-time. She currently lives in Palm Harbor, Florida. She did to visit the Hey, Dude! reunion at the ATX Festival in Austin in 2014.

Kelly Brown – “Brad Taylor” — Kelly left acting after the present ended.

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Joe Torres – “Danny Lightfoot” — Literally, no one has actually the slightest idea what occurred to him.