Google has announced a brand-new feature referred to as 'read it', which allows Google Assistant to review aloud the message on a user's screen.

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currently your Google Assistant have the right to read aloud internet pages because that you.

At the CES 2020, Google announced a slew of brand-new features including brand-new functionality that lets Google Assistant review out the whole web page to you. After providing us a sneak emergence at the function in January, Google’s “read it” function is now easily accessible on the Google Assistant.

The ‘read it’ feature permits Android customers to do their Google Assistant read aloud web pages open up on your Chrome browser, Google Search, or the News app. Users can just ask the Assistant to check out the message written ~ above their display screen by just saying, “Hey Google, review it”, “Hey Google, review aloud” or “Hey Google, read this page”. The Google Assistant will immediately read aloud the contents of the opened web page.

Read it feature supported in 42 languages

Google states that the function will be accessible in 42 languages including Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Sinhalese, Tamil, and Telugu. Users deserve to use the translation menu to choose the wanted language. The page being review will be automatically translated and also the Assistant will read it out in a user’s wanted language.

Benefits of the new feature

“The feature is extremely useful for world with visual or analysis difficulties, or who merely need a little help analysis meatier articles,” Google said. We believe that the feature will be beneficial for everyone as there room times as soon as you want to check out something but don’t have a hand totally free to role the web page or her eyes are exhausted of looking in ~ the display whole day long.

Google says that the Assistant will instantly scroll the page and highlight words together it reads great the contents to assist users follow along. It claims that the function also permits users to transform the reading speed to fit their liking and also give the alternative to choose from multiple voices.

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Google notifies that websites don’t have to do anything unique to allow this functionality and also developers have the right to simply include the capability for Google Assistant to read aloud content in your mobile application using plot on Google.

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We make the efforts the feature on our Google Assistant but it said, “Sorry, ns can’t carry out that ~ above this maker yet.” Looks like the attribute is rolling out in phased manner. If it happens to be accessible for you, shot opening a net page top top Chrome and also ask the Assistant come “read it”.