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Designer Dan Vickery and The Brady Bunch's Maureen McCormick overhaul homes stuck in a time warp. Dan brings the structure up to day while Maureen decorates v decade-specific piece to give the residences a refreshed look through a nod to their initial era.

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Husband-and-wife team Erin and also Ben Napier carry their small Mississippi hometown earlier to life with contemporary and affordable updates come its historic homes.

Tarek and also Christina Haack put everything they have actually into a risky house-flipping venture. Indigenous the nail-biting purchase at auction come the frantic sale, will certainly they turn a big profit or lose a fortune?

Beachfront property desires can come true, also on the tightest budget. These seaside home seekers uncover some the the many surprisingly affordable beachfront locales, proving it doesn't take it millions come live on the water.

We follow house seekers throughout the nation as they find for your perfect house. They'll weigh the pros and cons of three various properties before deciding which one is supposed for them. Will they choose the turnkey house with a higher price tag, or one in their budget plan that requirements a little TLC?
We follow home seekers throughout the country as they search for their perfect house. They'll sweet the pros and also cons that three various properties prior to deciding which one is expected for them. Will they pick the turnkey residence with a higher price tag, or one in their budget plan that demands a small TLC?
Partners Keith Bynum and also Evan Thomas want to be part of restoring the iconic American city that Detroit. The scrappy visionaries purchase run-down and also abandoned properties and also transform them into affordable, stylish starter homes for first-time homebuyers.
From Denmark come the Dominican Republic, we follow residence seekers roughly the people as they navigate the sometimes rough waters that buying genuine estate in various other countries. From roman inn columns come Spanish arches, they'll inspect out every kinds of architectural styles and also cut through the red ice to uncover their new international home. Viewers will be ~ above the sheet of your seats make the efforts to number out which ar they'll ultimately choose.
Contractor Bryan Baeumler and also his wife, Sarah relocate their family members to south Andros Island in the Bahamas to regain a outline beach resort. They'll juggle their an individual and skilled lives together they transform the Caerula Mar Club right into the ultimate tropical retreat.
Unstoppable mother-daughter duo Karen E. Laine and also Mina Starsiak eagle transform rundown dwellings into stunning metropolitan remodels in Indianapolis. this dynamic team in activity as they revitalize their hometown one residential property at a time.
Recent lottery winners walk on over-the-top residence hunts because that their new dream residences with David Bromstad. Will they spend all your winnings on an extravagant mansion or settle for a sound investment?
Dave and Jenny Marrs take on small-town America through renovating classic homes in Bentonville, Arkansas. The resourceful pair preserves and transforms the area's historic residences into charming, to update masterpieces for young, potential buyers in search of a slower-paced lifestyle. hosted a nationwide call to choose a city in require of transformation, and with much more than 5,000 submissions, Wetumpka, Alabama, was chosen! Ben and Erin Napier room joined by celebrity guests as they command a significant overhaul to revitalize the whole town.
Mary Welch Fox Stasik isn't fear to press the limits with her big-city style. Now that she and also her rock star husband have relocated to Charleston, southern Carolina, she's presenting homeowners to part much-need flare through her one-of-a-kind designs.

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Lara Spencer and also her team of experienced appraisers aid homeowners clear out and also cash in on their clutter. Items go to auction wherein the bidding is fast and furious, and also clients learn just exactly how much money they'll make once they sell everything yet the house.