A Savannah, Georgia-area airplane crash on Monday, respectable 28, to be fatal because that the pilot, Randy Hunter that Tyrone, and also two passengers, husband and wife Byron and Catherine Cocke.

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The charter airplane was en course to Cobb County international Airport-McCollum ar from Savannah international Airport when it encountered mechanical issues and crashed near the Ogeechee flow in Bryan County, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Catherine, 39, an internal designer, and also Byron, 42, co-CEO of CF real Estate Services, had been featured top top the HGTV display My large Amazing Renovation. The 2011 episode, titled "Going huge in Georgia" followed the renovation of the family"s home.

The couple leaves behind five children, that are at this time being cared because that by expanded family, states a explain by Byron"s company partner, CF real Estate solutions co-CEO Brett Finkelstein. A portion reads:

"Our co-CEO, Byron Cocke, and his wife, Catherine, passed far in the crash of a tiny plane. We are ravaged by this disastrous loss. They to be philanthropic, creative, intelligent, caring, and also entrepreneurial. Byron and also Catherine were committed to their five beautiful children, who space being cared for by their prolonged family. … Working with Byron to be a joy. That personified love that family, love of company, and also love for co-workers."

Savannah"s Downtown community Associate Board also mourned the ns in a statement, saying, "The Savannah community has lost a shining light in this beautiful pair and while our hearts room heavy, us ask for prayers for their surviving 5 children."

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The pilot"s wife, Kristen Hunter, and two daughters are handling their own terrible loss. "Randy had actually a passion for his family and all things related to aviation and loved flying," Kristen stated in a statement released by Fayette County legislation firm Sanchez Hayes & Associates. "Our thoughts and also prayers room with the Cocke family who additionally lost 2 beloved and also cherished family members members in this disastrous accident."

according to the Journal, a spokesperson for the nationwide Transportation safety Board claimed a full investigation the the website of the crash will be adhered to by a finish review of the aircraft to identify if there to be a malfunction.