Anyone who grew up in the 1980s probably had Ecto Cooler in his or her lunchbox at one time or another. Some may have also used the toxic-green beverage as currency, conducting lopsided lunchroom trades through the kid who wasn’t permitted to have sugar.

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Regardless that the juice’s hypnotic and addictive properties, the backstory that Ecto Cooler is an intriguing one. And the reality that it to be marketed together orange/tangerine-flavored, yet to be fluorescent green in color, isn’t even the strangest thing around it.


In 1986—riding the last wave of Ghostbusters" popularity—an animated collection titled The genuine Ghostbusters was created. Knowing full well that the best means to industry to children was to acquire them high ~ above sugar, Ecto Cooler was produced as a product tie-in come the series.


Ecto Cooler was an immediate and smashing success. Back it was only claimed to last as long as the series, it withstood for a te after the show’s cancellation. However, the original marketing strategy was rather sneaky, and mind-numbingly lazy.


If we look ago a little further, there was once a Hi-C product referred to as Citrus Cooler. Apologies for absence of photo evidence, but it appears to have actually been systematically destroyed to thwart the conspiracy theorists. Nonetheless, Citrus Cooler did exist—at least it did until some marketing dolts essential a quick and easy gimmick to sell their cartoon.

The pitch was simple: ar Slimer, the cute environment-friendly ghost from Ghostbusters, on the box; change "Citrus" come "Ecto"; conveniently forget the Citrus Cooler ever before existed; product tie-in achieved. And also because we room all suckers because that packaging, the farce ongoing into the next decade. The problem was the this new generation that juice crate drinkers would have actually no idea what a Ghostbuster was.

Fearing that Slimer had actually overstayed his welcome—and in an additional swift and also lazy move—Hi-C did away v Ecto Cooler altogether. Or, at least that’s what lock wanted us to think.

The identical formula, in all its neon green glory, was about to be repackaged however again together Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen (though Hi-C would certainly deny that it to be the same beverage). Some conspiracy thinkers however, would not remainder until the an enig was solved.


Although the Hi-C drink public should have been outraged, at least the name Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen lastly addressed its contradictory flavor and also color combination.

It all came full circle in 2006, when Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen to be renamed stunner Citrus Cooler ... Then discontinued altogether simply a year later.

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Though Ecto Cooler (in every its miscellaneous names and also incarnations) could be gone, it"s fixed forgotten. Every so often, a yes, really old case or can of the genuine stuff pops up on eBay (a 46-ounce deserve to went up because that auction last year because that $2000). Yet DIYers would perform well to monitor the recipe concocted by Ghostbusters: Chicago Division, who did an exhaustive amount of mixing and also taste-testing come come "as the very least as close come Ecto-Cooler as we deserve to get" (green and blue food coloring included).