BROKEN BOW — Five damaged Bow High college students room scheduledto appear in court following month on dues in connection with apeeping event at the school.

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Special prosecutor Karin Noakes said the 4 boys and also one girlare reserved for preliminary hearings in Custer county Court onMay 30. The girl has been charged v unlawful intrusion, the boyswith aiding and also abetting unlawful intrusion.

Broken Bow Police chef Dan Hanson claimed he to be contacted through theschool ~ students report to the principal that a videotapewas being circulated the the high college girls basketball team.Hanson claimed he had not seen the tape, however the students who had seenit stated it contained footage the the girls transforming in the lockerroom before a house game.

Hanson stated on Tuesday the he to be unaware that the tape"slocation but that college student interviewed in ~ the school stated the tapewas being shown by among the boys at people"s homes. He stated thetape could potentially present 20 girls, ~ above both the varsity andjunior varsity teams. He believes a video camera was placed in oneof the lockers through the girl involved.

Broken Bow Superintendent Tim Shafer said he can not confirmthat statement, no one speak about the disciplinary activity being takenagainst the students.

"This is an unfolding event, and we haven"t had any kind of opportunityto do any type of post-event analysis," Shafer said.

Shafer claimed the police were contacted in ~ an hour that theincident gift reported, and also the college student who carried the problemto the school"s attention must be commended.

"I think that most students feeling comfortable in that we took itseriously and got the round rolling top top the investigation," Shafersaid.

Hanson said charges to be filed versus the 5 students onApril 16 and that documents ordering them to show up in court wereserved critical Thursday. He declined to release their names over thephone.

Hanson said the situation is being handled by Noakes since the girlinvolved is the daughter of a broken Bow police officer.

The students, who selection in age from 15 to 17, have actually been chargedas adults, Noakes said, yet may inquiry to have actually the instances moved tojuvenile court.

Because the students are all under the period of 18, Hanson said,the dues they face are divide as course 2 misdemeanors, whichcarry a maximum punish of six months in prison and also a $100,000fine.

When the incident was first reported, Hanson said, he had tocheck to see if any kind of law had actually actually been violated by the videorecording. He uncovered that the unlawful intrusion state statutepassed in 1996 did make the action illegal in Nebraska.

The state states, "It shall it is in unlawful for any type of person toknowingly intrude upon any type of other human being without his or her consentor knowledge in a location of solitude or seclusion," and also that""intrude" method the viewing or recording, either by video, audioor other digital means, that a human in a state the undress."

"If the had," the said, "it more than likely wasn"t brought to ourattention since it wasn"t illegal prior to 1996."

Hall County lawyer Jerry Janulewicz claimed the regulation was passedthrough the Legislature after an incident in cool Island involvingwomen gift videotaped in tanning booths.

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