A hidden chamber near the dig of King Tutankhamen might contain the long-lost continues to be of his mother-in-law, Queen Nefertiti.

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That's the shock claim made by researchers after they uncovered a previously unknown an are close to the pharaoh's burial facility in Egypt's valley of the Kings.



The final resting location of Nefertiti, that was queen alongside Pharaoh Akhenaten end 3,000 year ago, is just one of Egypt's best mysteries.

It's believed the powerful monarch to be the mother of King Tut's wife, and that she briefly rule Egypt bald after the fatality of her husband in 1335 BC.

Archaeologists have actually never uncovered her remains and one long-standing theory is the she was buried in a secret compartment within Tut's tomb.

Tut passed away aged just 19 and his burial complex is exceptionally small for a monarch, leading some professionals to speculate that components of it continue to be undiscovered.

Bust the Queen Nefertiti, that was queen together Pharaoh Akhenaten from 1353 to 1336 BC and also may have actually ruled the empire outright after her husband's deathCredit: Corbis - Getty

King Tut in his burial chamber south of CairoCredit: Corbis - Getty

Now scientists have actually used high-tech radar scans to reveal possible evidence of concealed chambers beyond the tomb's phibìc wall, Nature reports.

The corridor-like an are measures 2 metres high and also over 10 metres long. It sits just a few metres from Tut's gold-laden treasury.

Dr beam Johnson, one Egyptologist in ~ the university of Chicago, that wasn't associated in the research, defined the exploration as "tremendously exciting".

"Clearly there is other on the various other side the the north wall of the burial chamber," the told Nature.


Here"s what you have to know...

King Tutankhamun is the most renowned of Egypt's ancient pharaohsHe ruled Egypt much more than 3,000 years earlier from 1332 come 1323 BCTut is well-known as the "boy king" as he was just 10 years old as soon as he took the throneWhen he came to be king he married his half-sister Ankhesenpaaten. They had actually two daughters together yet both to be stillbornTut died aged simply 19 under mysterious circumstancesSome believe he was assassinated yet most think his fatality was one accident, likely the result of one infected leg adhering to a nasty breakThe pharaoh is additionally famous for the claimed curse that haunts his tombAfter the tomb's discovery in 1922, archaeologists, and even their household members, died from dreadful illnesses or in strange accidents – and some say the deaths weren't a coincidence

The study was led by excavator Mamdouh Eldamaty, a former Egyptian minister the antiquities.

A brand-new technology referred to as ground-penetrating radar, which provides radar pulses come see with soil and rock, was used to scan approximately Tut's tomb.

There's no proof yet the what they found really is a concealed chamber – allow alone that it consists of Nefertiti's dig – however it provides a tantalising possibility to Egyptologists.


This is no the an initial time the opportunity of extra chambers in Tut's tomb has actually been discover by scientists.

Several teams, frequently working with exclusive companies, insurance claim to have found evidence of mystery compartments behind the underground structure's walls.

However, these discoveries are frequently contradictory and also inconclusive.

In 2017, Francesco Porcelli, a physicist at the Polytechnic university of Turin in Italy, led a ground-penetrating radar inspection which break up the tomb consisted of no covert rooms.

excavator Howard Carter removing oil from the coffin of TutankhamunCredit: Getty - Contributor

"We conclude, through a an extremely high level of confidence, the the hypothesis concerning the visibility of hidden chambers surrounding Tutankhamun’s dig is not sustained by the GPR data," researchers composed in their study.

It is not yet known whether the recently found an are is attached to King Tut's funeral chamber or another nearby tomb.

Eldamaty and also his team believe the clues is component of the Tut complicated because it's positioned perpendicular come the tomb's main axis.

Unconnected tombs often tend to it is in aligned at different angles.

The theory that Nefertiti's dig is concealed inside Tut's is a controversial one.

Here"s every little thing you should know...

The old Egyptians to be an progressed civilisation who at one suggest owned a huge portion of the globeThe civilisation began about 5,000 years earlier when old humans started building towns along the river NileIt it is long for around 3,000 years and saw the building of complicated cities centuries ahead of their time – and the famous great PyramidsThe ancient Egyptians were specialists at farming and constructionThey designed a solar calendar, and also one the the world's earliest writing systems: The hieroglyphThe Egyptians were ruled by kings and queens called pharaohsReligion and the afterlife were a huge component of ancient Egyptian culture. They had actually over 2,000 godsPharaohs built huge elaborate burial places to be hidden in, several of which to be pyramids – at the time among the largest structures in the worldThe Egyptians thought in life ~ death, and important people's corpses were mummified to maintain their bodies for the afterlifeThe old Egytpian realm fell as result of a mix the factors, including wars with other empires and a 100-year period of drought and starvation


Investigations of mystery chambers in ~ other old Egyptian tombs have often found they were simply tunnels offered by the grave's builders.

Queen Nefertiti to be born about 1370 BC and also died about the period of 40.

She to be the great Royal wife of Akhenaten, one Egyptian Pharaoh and also they were additionally known because that a religious revolution as they just worshipped one god, Aten.

They ruled throughout the wealthiest duration in ancient Egyptian history.

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Nefertiti ended up being famous complying with the exploration of an very well-preserved old bust of she head. The artefact is on screen in Berlin's Neues Museum.