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EGG harbor TOWNSHIP, N.J., Jan. 15, 2019 / -- surprise Creek Golf society in Egg harbor Township, brand-new Jersey has actually been purchase by Dormie Network—a nationwide network of private destination golf clubs. With the acquisition, concealed Creek i do not care the sixth golf club in the network"s nationwide portfolio. The announcement comes top top the heels the the respectable 2018 purchase of Victoria national in Newburgh, Indiana. In enhancement to Victoria National and Hidden Creek, Dormie Network additionally includes Pinehurst"s Dormie Club, Roanoke"s Ballyhack Golf Club, Nebraska City"s ArborLinks, and also San Antonio"s Briggs Ranch Golf Club. The farming network"s full-service accommodations, premium amenities, and also renowned courses sell members a uniquely national, pure golf concept ideal for service or leisure.


Hidden Creek Golf club in Egg port Township, brand-new Jersey

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Hidden Creek in ~ a Glance Hidden Creek Golf club sprawls 750 acres of woodlands and also rolling hills in Egg port Township, just external Atlantic City, new Jersey. The private club opened up in 2002 come widespread an important acclaim, ranking 72nd among Golf Magazine"s peak 100 courses in the U.S. In 2008, it got Golf World"s Reader"s selection award. The 18-hole heathland-style Coore-Crenshaw design measures 7,023 yards and also features bending grass fairways, strategically sculpted bunkers, dramatic elevation changes, and subtle eco-friendly contours. The course has been host to such occasions as the U.S. Women"s open up qualifier (2004 and also 2017), the U.S. Senior Open qualifier (2004), the U.S. Open qualifier (2014 and also 2018) and also the U.S. Senior Amateur Championship (2015).

The club"s 18,000-square-foot clubhouse includes a totally equipped golf shop, fine and also casual dining, a billiards room, locker rooms, and a cutting edge fitness center. The Lodge at hidden Creek has eight bedrooms and also two good rooms, providing well-appointed on-site accommodations for members and also guests.

A growing Network Dormie Network began in 2016 with ArborLinks and Ballyhack Golf Club. The repurchase of Briggs Ranch Golf Club and Dormie Club complied with in 2017, then Victoria national in respectable 2018. Every club has actually seen comprehensive investments in the way of capital improvement projects, which are at this time underway or in the planning step at every society in the network. Projects incorporate clubhouse renovations and also constructions, cottage constructions, new maintenance facilities, on-course lull stations, bunker renovations, the building and construction of a cutting edge TrackMan power center, equipment and golf dare fleet upgrades, and also more.

"Our focus automatically following an acquisition is the golf course and the attention and also resources it may need native the standpoints of equipment, staffing, and technology," described Dormie Network chairman Zach Peed. "We then start to advice investments in company staff and amenities come the degree that they improve the experience of members and also their guests."

With the acquisition, existing Hidden Creek members will change into Dormie Network"s three membership share (regional, national, and also corporate) end time. Under new ownership, the society will additionally see upgrades to its maintenance equipment and golf dare fleets. Likewise in the works room evaluations of agronomic needs and several added capital innovation projects.

"We space honored to add another outstanding Coore-Crenshaw golf club to Dormie Network"s portfolio through the acquisition of hidden Creek Golf Club," claimed Peed. "With the addition, us welcome surprise Creek"s members come the Dormie Network family, while in ~ the very same time adding value for present members and their guests."

About Dormie Network Dormie Network is a nationwide network that private location golf clubs that includes ArborLinks in Nebraska City, Nebraska; Dormie club in Pinehurst, phibìc Carolina; Ballyhack Golf club in Roanoke, Virginia; Victoria nationwide Golf club in Newburgh, Indiana; surprise Creek Golf club in Egg harbor Township, new Jersey; and also Briggs Ranch Golf club in san Antonio, Texas. Each provides a pure golf endure in a relaxing and also accommodating environment ideal for organization or leisure. Learn more at