You’ve most likely heard stories of concealed treasures found in walls throughout the remodeling of a kitchen or valuables discovered in the rafters of a house. Prizes are found all the time, long covert away and forgotten by time.

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This list features some of the notable hidden treasures found in attics, walls, garage sales, and also thrift stores end the previous several years. After learning around these discoveries, you might be motivated to discover your own!

An aged and also worn, leather-bound almanac sat untouched for plenty of years ~ above a shelf in ~ Union College’s library. No one knew it hosted a very personal memento native America’s founding father, George Washington. A lock the his hair to be tucked right into an envelope, nicely tied v a string. The envelope was marked “Washington’s hair, L.S.S. & (crossed out) GBS native James A. Hamilton offered him by his mother, Aug. 10, 1871.”

Most world are acquainted with Washington’s hairstyle from his iconic portrait on dollar bills. A typical misconception is that he wore a wig. In fact, together a young man, his hair to be red. Washington powdered his hair white, in custom with the times. In later years, his hair became whiter naturally.

The lock of hair had most most likely been offered by the President together a gift. The practice of giving hair together a keepsake was usual at the time.

2. Polite war-era yellow coins uncovered walking the dog

In 2010 a man paid $2 for an old tintype picture of a team of people playing croquet in front of a cabin. Skilled authenticators identified Billy the boy in the photograph holding a croquet mallet and wearing a optimal hat. The photo was taken at the new Mexico ranch owned by cattleman john Tunstall. Tunstall hired Billy and his corridor to defend against cattle rustlers and rival ranchers. The appraised worth of the tintype picture is $5 million. A an excellent return on a $2 investment!

5. Unopened packs of baseball cards in aunt’s attic

Valuable items space often found during the remodeling of older homes. In 2013, a residence in Minnesota was being renovated. A contractor uncovered a rare comic publication in a wall he was tearing down. It was the first-ever illustration of Superman in action Comics No. 1 from 1938. The comic had been used along with newspapers to insulate the walls. The rare comic marketed for $175,000 at auction. It is one of around 100 copies known come exist.

8. Jackson Pollack initial painting at a thrift store

This following story will make you want to check your regional thrift store. In 2015 truck driver Teri Horton purchase a paint at a thrift save for $5. She believes that is an original masterpiece native the abstract expressionist Jackson Pollack. Experts disagree on even if it is it is real or not. However if that is, it can be Horton’s winning lottery ticket. A Pollack painting called “Number 5” freshly sold for $140 million.

The most an useful hidden treasures

9. Ancient Chinese bowl at a garage sale

Good luck involved a guy out in his garden in the summer that 2011. Wayne Sabaj, an unemployed carpenter, uncovered bags of cash buried among the broccoli plants. The total value of the uncover was $150,000. Several people contested ownership of the money. Unfortunately, Sabaj would die before he can collect any kind of of the money.

14. $500,000 found in ammunition cans concealed in walls

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by note Twain

In 1990 a discovery was made in a California attic. Inside a trunk was the lacking handwritten manuscript for “The Adventures that Huckleberry Finn.” The famous book by mark Twain was an initial published in 1884. The finding consisted of the rare draft along with other old documents and also letters from crucial authors. James Gluck collected the product in the late 1800s.


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A Staten Island pair discovered a rusty, decaying metal box hidden in their backyard. Lock dug package out of the ground together they to be planting trees. What looked prefer garbage turned the end to be an old safe. Inside the for sure was $52,000 worth of valuables, including $100 bills, gold, diamonds, and also jade. Documents inside the safe helped the couple determine its rightful owner—their very own neighbor! The neighbor’s residence was burglarized around seven year prior. The components were all went back to the very grateful neighbor.

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Cash discovered in rafters while remodeling

A Cleveland, Ohio man discovered old steel boxes in the rafters that his home while remodeling. Within the boxes and also wrapped in the old file were $20, $50, and also $100 bills. He additionally found a yellow certificate and star note (misprinted currency) in the boxes. The treasure’s complete value that $45,000 assisted pay for the home remodeling project.

One-of-a-kind Qing empire vase found in the attic

An ornately decorated porcelain vase sat unnoticed in an old shoebox in the attic the a home in France. The owners discovered the vase and were curious about its value. For this reason they inquiry Sotheby’s Paris come appraise that is value. To their shock and also amazement, the vase turned the end to be from the Qing dynasty and also dating from the 18th-century. The appraised at $590,000 to 825,000 and sold at auction for about $19 million!

Hopefully, these tales of covert treasure uncovered in old houses, attics, flea markets, and thrift shops have actually inspired you come go looking for your own valuable discoveries!