That '70s Show's Danny Masterson denies sexual assault allegations from other Scientology followers

Los Angeles, California - Actor Danny Masterson, renowned for playing Steven Hyde on the "70s Show and also starring in The Ranch top top Netflix, has officially denied multiple rape allegations versus him in court.

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Danny Masterson played his TV persona Steven Hyde (l.) on that "70s present from 1998 come 2006.©Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/dannymasterson & IMAGO / MediaPunch

At Monday"s hearing, the 45-year-old pled not guilty to sexual assault charges, CBS reported.

Masterson currently entered a not-guilty plea in court when before, in January, after being arrested in June 2020.

On Monday, the gibbs was compelled to surrender his passport, but he remains totally free on $3.3 million bail come await trial.


The alleged 3 rape occurrences are stated to have arisen at Masterson"s Hollywood Hills home in between 2001 and also 2003, according to the indictment.

He encounters 45 years to life in jail if discovered guilty.

At hearings which occurred in May, 3 women explained detailed strikes by the actor, consisting of being given a cocktail through drugs and an ex-girlfriend stating she was compelled to have non-consensual sex.

After the accounts, the court uncovered there was adequate evidence to proceed with a trial. A preliminary hearing is now collection for respectable 9, with a full trial potentially start in November, follow to Deadline.

Masterson to be fired indigenous his duty on The Ranch and dropped by his company after the allegations concerned light.

The actor dubbed the claims "outrageous" and said the looked forward to "clearing my name once and also for all."

Danny Masterson (l.) shared a recent picture with his wife Bijou Phillips ~ above Instagram, through whom he share a daughter.©Screenshot/Instagram/Screenshot/Instagram/dannymasterson

Masterson and his accusers are longtime members of the Church of Scientology. The alleged victims say lock did no come forward sooner as result of fear instilled through the church and also worries they would be secluded from your community.

Four that the women likewise filed a different lawsuit versus Materson and the church in 2019 declare they were stalked and harassed by church members ~ accusing that of rape – citing damaged windows in your homes and the poisoning of family members pets.

Five women an initial filed allegations against Masterson in 2017. After a years-long investigation, two of the incidents were discovered to have actually insufficient evidence or passed the statute of limitations.


Masterson"s defense attorney is celebrity lawyer Tom Mesereau, that successfully safeguarded pop star Michael Jackson against child molestation allegations in 2005.

The star has actually been married to actress Bijou Phillips (41) due to the fact that 2011, and the couple have a seven-year-old daughter named Fianna Francis.

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Masterson climbed to fame play the beloved, always sunglass-wearing Steven Hyde on that "70s show from 1998 come 2006.