A bulk of red irradiate & speed cameras utilize strong flash to photograph the patent plate on her car. As soon as sprayed on your license plate, PhotoBlocker’s distinct formula produce a high-powered gloss that shows the flash ago towards the camera. This overexposes the image of your patent plate, calculation the photo unreadable. With PhotoBlocker, your license plate is invisible to website traffic cameras yet totally legible come the naked eye.

shows traffic camera flash, helps avoid a i have lot of money ticket! fast spray-on formula! INVISIBLE come the naked eye! exclusive formula!
BEST alternative for when you can"t usage an anti-camera patent plate cover! ONE TIME application! One deserve to covers four license plates! get a can prior to you obtain a ticket!




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"It will transform her plate" Fox 5

"Surprisingly effective" Denver Police Department

"The coating reflects flash" Bakersfield Police

"Gives friend a fighting chance against faulty red irradiate & rate cameras" NBC

"The reflection blinded our camera" CBS

"It passed our test" KARE11

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3. PhotoShield™ license Plate sheathe
Distortion only at an edge
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Worlds ideal selling anti-camera sheathe

PhotoShield™ cover is the world’s best selling anti camera cover. It was so effective it to be featured in the hit present CSI Miami. Guarantee to work versus all red light and speed cameras. Proven to work-related by several media and also police test. That has defended thousands that driver end the year helping them save million in unjust fines.

How the works: PhotoShield™ is a clean plastic license plate cover the incorporates a thin diffusion lens draft to do your patent plate unreadable and distorted to website traffic cameras when viewed in ~ an angle. Unreadable tag = No ticket. However when your patent plate is perceived from directly behind the is clear and legible.

clear Transparent cover Inconspicuous come the naked Eye Effective and also Proven come Work rapid & straightforward Installation US/Canada purchase NOW: $59.99MORE INFO
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4. Reflector™ cover
Clear and inconspicuous. Cops can"t phone call you have it on. The Reflector™ helps stop costly tickets. Make of a high quality clear plastic cover that is coated with light mirroring crystals. The Reflector™ overexposes photo radar and red light camera pictures by showing flash earlier to the camera blinding it. how does the Reflector™ sheathe work?

The light mirroring particles imbedded in the Reflector covering act as miniature mirrors helping to reflect the power complete flash indigenous a red light or rate camera.The result is an over-exposed and also unreadable photo that prevents a i have lot of money ticket.

clear & Transparent covering Inconspicuous to the naked Eye No bowl distortion as soon as viewed in ~ an angle very Effective and proven to work fast & straightforward Installation Pays for itself the an initial time it functions thousands of satisfied client Us and also Canadian sizes just to buy it prior to you gain a ticket

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"If lock can"t review your tag, you don"t obtain a ticket."



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