There seems to it is in a lot going on any given day, so you might need to whip the end the ideal iPhone and also just photograph and record what"s walking on around you as it"s happening. But sometimes, these crucial photos and videos have to be kept secured and hidden far somewhere that isn"t for this reason easily obtainable for others. Unfortunately, even on iOS 14, the Photos app can only "hide" her photos and video, yet anyone have the right to still view them if they understand where to look. A far better solution is to usage the Notes app since you deserve to secure separation, personal, instance notes, or much better yet, usage a password manager or file locker application to save things really safe. Here"s just how to carry out each method, as well as other alternatives.

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How to hide picture on iphone phone in the picture app

The picture app permits you come "hide" photos from your photograph Library and also any "For You" recommendations, but it just gets tucked away right into an unsecured album dubbed "Hidden," which girlfriend (and anyone rather viewing her device) can accessibility anytime. This is mostly used simply to tidy up your major Photo Library, so usage it v caution.

Launch Photos on her iPhone or iPad.Tap the album that you want to view.

Tap Select in the upper ideal corner.


Select the photos and video you want to hide.Tap the Share button.Choose Hide from the Share sheet menu.

Confirm that you want to hide the photo(s) and video(s).


To see your hidden media:

Launch Photos on her iPhone or iPad.On the Album list, scroll down.

Tap the Hidden album under the Other Albums ar at the bottom.


To unhide a picture or video:

Tap the hidden picture or video you desire to unhide.Tap the Share button.

Tap Unhide.


How to hide picture on iphone phone in the notes app

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If you are trying to find a integrated solution ~ above iOS to save your photos and also videos secured far from others, climate you could shot the Notes app. Through Notes, girlfriend can add photos and videos to individual notes, as well as paper scans and also sketches. Individual note can additionally be locked with a password, and you can additionally use Touch identifier or confront ID come unlock a secured note.

Unfortunately, friend can"t make a secure, password-protected folder in note yet, yet the alternative to lock individual note is there.

How to hide image on iphone in your password manager


A password manager is an app that revolves approximately security. When the key use instance for a password manager is for storing your countless passwords because that everything, plenty of them also store other essential things, like bank account info, driver"s licenses, credit card info, and also more, consisting of secure notes.

Your mileage might vary depending on what password manager you decision to use since each one might offer different amounts of storage an are on servers. Yet secure notes commonly let you connect files, including photos and also video, and it gets locked behind your grasp password. So uneven someone else knows your master password (and that"s a very bad thing), then her photos and video in that secure note must be safe and also sound.

Some that the much more popular password managers are 1Password and also LastPass, but we"ve rounded up every one of the ideal password manager apps because that iPhone as well. These space apps that will aid you generate strong and secure, randomized passwords, keep all of your passwords in-tact and also fill lock out as soon as needed, and you deserve to store other sensitive information and also media with secure notes.

How come hide picture on iphone in a file locker app

In enhancement to password managers, there are other apps the end there that are designed solely for securing files, including photos and video. These are file locker apps, and also you have the right to store plenty of things in them, such together documents and also other files, and also keep everything secure through a solid password. There space plenty of cost-free options available, such together Folder Lock, Private picture Vault, and secret Photo Vault, the you can uncover on the application Store. Feel cost-free to give them a shot to check out if you favor them before committing to an in-app purchase.

How come hide photos on iPhone with a cloud warehouse app


Cloud storage services are an extremely popular and also let you accessibility your papers from nice much any device, as long as it has a data connection. A most them also have the option to instantly upload and backup her photos and also videos from your smartphone when you beginning the app. This is a great way come just instantly have an online back-up of every one of your photos and videos there is no thinking about it.

How to collection photos and also videos to automatically upload come a backup

Delete image from her iPhone when secured


Once you have secured her photos and video clip using among the methods above, you might want to think around deleting them off of your iPhone"s local storage. The way, if other happens, the secured media won"t be available for rather to access.

How come delete and also recover image and video on your iPhone and iPad

Stay safe and also secure through hiding image on iPhone

You can definitely see part crazy points going on these days, therefore it"s much more important than ever before to make sure you hide photos and also videos on your iPhone if necessary. These room the ideal ways on exactly how to hide image on iPhone ideal now, but if you have much better suggestions, make sure to leave them in the comments.

Updated February 2021: These procedures are still current for iOS 14.


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