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We all have our Christmas traditions, however here’s one probably you haven’t heard of: The Christmas pickle.

Why perform Some world Hang a Pickle on their Christmas Tree?

Believe the or not, some civilization hang a pickle ornament from their Christmas tree. The an initial person or kid to uncover the ornament gets a present. Others believe the finder will certainly be the receiver of an excellent fortune in the brand-new year. However, no one seems to know where the legacy comes from.

3 Theories

Here’s one theory: follow to number of sources, in the late 1880s, Woolworth stores began selling glass ornaments imported from Germany. These ornaments were do in the forms of fruits and vegetables, including the pickle. However it’s unsure why the pickle ended up being the tradition. It was environment-friendly so that was tough to uncover on the tree? Maybe!

Another theory consists of a soldier in the American civil War. When the soldier was taken sinner on Christmas Eve, that begged a guard for one critical pickle prior to he died. The guard provided him a pickle and it gave him the stamin he needed. Once the soldier returned to his family, he started the tradition of hiding a pickle ~ above the Christmas tree every year. Again, maybe.

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A third theory includes two Spanish boys that were traveling house for the holidays from their boarding school. They stopped for the night in ~ an inn where they to be killed and their bodies were placed in a pickle barrel. That evening, St. Nicholas quit at the inn, discovered the boys in the barrel and also brought them ago to life. Yikes!

The Most famous Pickle

While nobody is certain where the tradition comes from, plenty of in one Michigan town celebrate the pickle every December. Berrien Springs is known as the Christmas Pickle capital of the World. They celebrate with a parade led by the grand Dillmeister, who passes out fresh pickles along the parade route.