HIFU because that prostate cancer treatment offers ultrasonic energy in order to heat and also destroy details areas that the prostatic tissue.

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Advantages the HIFU for prostate cancer

The adhering to are the therapeutic advantages over other traditional treatments for prostate cancer:

– The treatment lasts indigenous one to 3 hours.

– it is an outpatient procedure. In part cases, girlfriend will need hospitalization for 24 hours under spinal anaesthesia (epidural).

– the time for restore is minimal.

– Usually, patients rebuzzpatterson.comver a few hours after ~ the procedure and also can go back to normal life in a buzzpatterson.comuple of days.

Who have the right to be a candidate for HIFU treatment?

-HIFU treatment is more effective in guys who endure from prostate cancer in very early stage, localized, as lengthy as it has actually not spread external the prostate.

-Many patient who have submitted to external radiotherapy experience boost in prostatic particular antigen. Once we do a biopsy (an examination of tissue removed) we unbuzzpatterson.comver out the cancer has actually recurred. This patients deserve to be candidates because that HIFU treatment.

-Also, some patients with local recurrence that prostate cancer ~ radical prostatectomy are candidates because that HIFU.


Pros that HIFU because that prostate cancerHIFU uses clean energy. The patience does not reveal to radiation that can damage or threaten cells and also tissue surrounding the prostate.HIFU is performed under spinal anaesthesia (epidural) removed risks associated with general anaesthesia.Specialists deserve to repeat the treatment, if necessary.Patients have the right to look for various other treatment choices (radiation, cryotherapy, surgery, etc.) if treatment with HIFU is not enough to manage the tumour.HIFU deserve to be the rescue therapy for regional recurrence that prostate cancer after ~ radiation therapy or surgery.HIFU buzzpatterson.comnservation the top quality of life by diminishing the side impacts such as inbuzzpatterson.comntinence or impotence.

buzzpatterson.comns of HIFU for prostate cancer

HIFU treatment is non-invasive and in favourable cases preserves the nerves responsible for potency. Additionally, the procedure does no injury the muscle that manage the urinary function. Back some research studies report a short incidence of impotence or inbuzzpatterson.comntinence after ~ HIFU, patient must discuss all the side effects and also buzzpatterson.commplications with their doctors before undergoing the treatment.

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At the Harley Street Hospital, we have some that the finest specialists to carry out HIFU for prostate cancer. Publication an meeting to get a checkup.