Band members at a Houston high school may be suspended end a fruit basket lock handed end to a rival school that was viewed as racially offensive. Because…why not? This is after every Obama’s America…that’s sarcasm, but the ridiculous accusations are really real to these shocked tape members…



Seven tape members from Atascocita High college presented your gift to their counterparts in the Summer Creek High institution band on the field before a varsity game last Friday.

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The fruit basket is expected to encourage great sportsmanship.

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Along with candy and also a decorated bucket because that Halloween was a small watermelon, coconut, pineapple and watermelon gum.

Sister terminal KTRK speak to 2 of the Atascocita tape members and also their parents on Monday. The students said they never dreamed it would be taken into consideration racist.

“We didn’t perform anything wrong,” stated flutist Carolina Andaverde. “We wouldn’t carry out that due to the fact that we know better than that. Our parents elevated us better.”

“I’m combined (race). I don’t take offense to that. How can someone else take offense?” asked an elderly Alyssa Taylor.

The students have been told your punishment can include gift suspended and kicked out of band.

“We weren’t gift racist towards them (Summer Creek). If they took it that way, we’re sorry. Us didn’t mean any type of harm,” Andaverde said.

“It’s just not fair, not fair. They’re good kids with good heads on their shoulders,” stated Hector Andaverde, Carolina’s father.

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Humble Independent institution District released the adhering to statement:

It is a tradition for student representatives of competing schools come exchange gifts on the field at varsity soccer games. On Friday, students indigenous one institution presented students indigenous the other school with a watermelon, a pineapple, a coconut, and watermelon gum. Today, college administrators carried out an investigation and also after considering the totality that the circumstances, identified that the gift was inappropriate and also lacked good sportsmanship. Atascocita High college will not tolerate gyeongju insensitivity.