In this Oct. 16, 2015, record photo, Bremerton High school assistant soccer coach Joe Kennedy, center in blue, kneels and also prays after his team shed to Centralia in Bremerton, Wash. (Lindsey Wasso/The Seattle time via AP, File)

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( high college football coach that was banned from taking a knee because that a brief an individual prayer after football gamings is taking his an obstacle back to the supreme Court, the latest such conflict to reach a conservative court that has actually moved to increase greater protections for religious believers.

Later this fall, the judge will consider whether to take up the long-running case that involves Coach Joe Kennedy the the Bremerton school District in Washington, that alleged his rights were violated once the institution district prohibited that from praying in ~ the conclusion of soccer games.
The college district stated it did not discipline him because that silent, personal prayers -- a exercise that began in 2008 once he to be hired -- and only intimidated to discipline him after that prayed on the 50-yard line when players to be on the field and the crowd to be still in the stands. A picture of Kennedy praying with about 20 football player in uniform kneeling v him is a component of the record.



Justice Samuel Alito swung for the fences on spiritual liberty and came up short, but isn't done however
Last term, in a series of very closely divided emergency orders, the court rule in donate of residences of prayer that objected come Covid-related restrictions. A unanimous court likewise sided with a Catholic fostering agency the refused to occupational with same-sex couples as potential foster parents the end of objections come same-sex marriage. But Alito, join by Thomas and Gorsuch, composed a prolonged opinion criticizing his colleagues because that failing to problem a broader opinion the would have overturned decades-old precedent and do it lot more difficult for the government to pass laws that impinge on spiritual beliefs.

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Alito last fall also gave a speech to the conservative Federalist society arguing the "religious liberty is fast coming to be a disfavored right."