A Cape cod high school is courting debate after updating its dress password that adds constraints to wearing yoga pants and leggings.

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A Cape cod high college is courting dispute after to update its dress password to half yoga pants and also leggings, uneven worn in ~ a dress or shorts, or worn with a lengthy top.


Students in ~ Cape Cod regional Technical High college in Harwich, Massachusetts, return to course on Wednesday, and also some space threatening come protest the brand-new rule by break it ~ above the first day back.

Superintendent Robert Sanborn told buzzpatterson.com he"s heard plans for a massive protest: "We"re anticipating a the majority of yoga pants on the first day that school."

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Colored jeans could be OK, yet leggings and also yoga trousers aren't anymore at one Cape ko high school.Shutterstock

But he says some students room misinterpreting the new dress code.

"People room under the impression the we"ve totally outlawed yoga pants and also leggings," Sanborn said. "We walk not carry out that. What we"ve excellent is say the if you perform wear them, you need to wear a lengthy shirt or sweater or shorts over your rear end."

He and school public representative met through student leaders now to talk about the new rule, and said numerous were relieved to discover that leggings, spandex and yoga pants aren"t totally banned. He included that the point of the update dress password is to prepare students for the workforce.

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"Vocational technical education and learning is about preparing people for a career," Sanborn said. "It needs to do through employability. We"re passing on the skills that are needed in the workforce, to understand that"s not ideal attire when you"re at work."

Not every students room convinced. The school"s senior class president, Seana Aiolupotea, spoke out versus the ascendancy in an interview v the Cape cod Times, saying, "We"re no wearing castle to acquire attention native people, we"re attract them due to the fact that they"re comfortable."

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As institution dress code debates heat up throughout the country, Sanborn stated the school will have actually a "soft touch" through students that break the rule.

"Nobody"s walk to obtain thrown out of school. Nobody"s going come be put in detention," he said. "We"re going to use this together a teachable moment."