Peacock’s revival of the 90s teen show ‘Saved by The Bell’ sees the original characters return come the lover Bayside High, currently as parental and/or teachers of the existing students. Zack Morris (the key perpetrator of most shenanigans in the initial show) is now the governor of California. To rectify a financing bungle, he has cut the state’s education budget plan by $10 billion, top to plenty of lower-income public colleges being close up door down. He then sends out the displaced college student to various well-funded schools choose his very own alma mater Bayside High (where his son is currently a student).

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The brand-new students clash v the privileged teens of Bayside High, v guidance counselor Jessie Spano and P.E. Teacher A.C. Slater make the efforts their ideal to make the shift as smooth as feasible for the kids. This new-age teen collection recycles some acquainted tropes native its predecessor while likewise calling out the shortcomings the the original series. If you’re curious to recognize where the an initial season the Peacock’s ‘Saved by The Bell’ has been filmed, you’ve concerned the right place. Here is every that us know.

Saved through The Bell Filming Locations

‘Saved through The Bell’ is filmed mostly on sets built on soundstages, with some exterior scene shot on location. Filming that the collection extensively takes place in California. Right here are much more specific details about the filming places for ‘Saved through The Bell.’


Universal Studios Hollywood, California

Located in universal City, California, universal Studios is the earliest surviving movie studio in the United claims (fifth oldest in the world). The complete attend to is 100 global City Plaza, phibìc Hollywood, CA. Most of the ‘Saved through The Bell’ scene are collection either in the halls the Bayside High school or at the local eatery whereby the youngsters hang out – The Max. Both Bayside High and The Max space sets developed inside the universal Studios. Some of the exterior scenes room filmed in ~ the global Studios Backlot.

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Los Angeles County, California

Most of the exterior scenes (that are not collection in the college or at the Max) room filmed at various areas in the urban of Burbank and Los Angeles. Many sitcoms have actually been filmed in and around Los Angeles County, few of the most famed titles being ‘Friends’, ‘Gilmore Girls‘, ‘Big Bang Theory‘, ‘Two and a half Men’, ‘Shameless’, and also ‘Mom’. Due to the fact that it is the home of Hollywood and also the American entertainment industry, many other TV shows and also movies are additionally filmed in LA regularly.