PITTSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — One Chatham county high college student was killed and another critically injured when they were associated in a crash end the weekend in Pittsboro, follow to a Chatham County schools spokesperson.

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Bryan Vilchis, one 18-year-old junior at Northwood High School, passed away in the crash. The second student to be critically injured in the crash. The student has actually been established as sophomore Desmond Patterson, 16.

The wreck emerged Saturday night on Old Graham Road.

Vilchis play football at Northwood in his very first two year at the school, public representative said.

“My love aches for these families,” Superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson said. “We mourn v the Northwood neighborhood the lose of a vibrant young life.”

Social workers and also counselors room being made easily accessible at Northwood High college in stimulate to assistance students and also staff.

Northwood primary Bradford Walston said, “These young men are component of our institution family.”

Walston go on come say that, “Our hearts are with your families throughout this incredibly challenging time. We desire to support them and support our students with this.”

GoFundMe campaigns have been created for funeral expenses for Vilchis and for Patterson’s medical care.

No further information to be made available.

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