Graduates Recite Lord’s Prayer at eastern Liverpool High school in Ohio. *Image NBC News 9.

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The Lord’s Prayer has been a component of the graduation awareness at eastern Liverpool High school in Ohio for the past ten years, but since the liberty From Religion structure (FFRF) contacted the eastern Liverpool school District to complain, officials chose to autumn the tune from the regime to protect against a potential legit battle.

Valedictorian Jonathan Montgomery led his course in a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer during their graduation ceremony on might 22, 2016 after a musical variation of the prayer that has actually traditionally to be a component of the beginning for years to be removed because of the FRRF atheist complaint.

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According to Superintendent Melissa Watson, “I to be a Christian and also it hurts me that there is also a question around it, however as superintendent, I need to put that aside. Together you said, us can’t do it legal. I’m just sorry this is happening”. Read complete article… christiannews.net

East Liverpool Students wake up for Lord’s Prayer in ~ Graduation 2016

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East Liverpool High school was threatened with a lawsuit yet that didn’t prevent students from speak the Lord’s Prayer https://t.co/iiCmT8Nex2



A 70-year legacy at Ohio’s east Liverpool High school was removed from the graduation ceremony this year, however students aren’t letting it walk easily.

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