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September 26, 2021 v October 29, 2021. Test day is November 6, 2021.

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The Stockton Police room is dedicated to do a distinction in our community.With end 400 sworn Officers and also over 150 civilian personnel, the Stockton Police room offers lucrative opportunities.

We encourage girlfriend to testimonial the positions us have accessible both sworn officerand civilian.Do you have questions? call a Recruiter and also we have the right to help.Our Recruiting Team travels to numerous events both local and also throughout the state to find the best feasible talent. Concerned a recruiting eventand satisfy us in person.

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A article from chief of Police Eric Jones

Welcome to the Stockton Police Department.

We space a department nationally recognized in trust-building efforts with ours community and developed a polished policing philosophy well-known as Principled Policing.

This innovative strategy resulted in increased work through the national Initiative for building Community Trust and Justice.

Our room has due to the fact that been well-known as a leader because that contributions come the law enforcement profession, attested by the fact that our programs are being replicated at other departments throughout the united States.


Eric Jones

Chief of Police



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The Stockton Police Department strategy Plan:

The Stockton Police room is an outstanding organization that also recognizes the need and opportunity for continuous improvement.

To the end, our Strategic plan is the an outcome of much collaboration amongst SPD staff.

We room excited to move forward in pursuit of the goals and objectives had in this strategy plan and also are confident this plan"s successful implementation will keep the SPD positioned at the forefront of contemporary, effective, law enforcement organizations nationwide.

The Stockton Police department will focus on accomplishing the following goals over the next three years:

mitigate crime and blight increase trust in between the community and also police Recruit and hire a qualified, diverse workforce rental staff that are very trained, knowledgeable, and preparedView a copy of the Stockton Police department 2020-2022 strategy Plan.

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Family Services

Our family members Services programs are focused on providing all Stockton occupants with the assistance they must keep all members the their households safe and also informed.



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