FORT LAUDERDALE ( – A high-speed police pursuit on I-95 in Broward finished in a crash that sent five juveniles to the hospital.Fort Lauderdale polices stated just before 7 a.m. They received a call around an effort to stealing a vehicle out of the garage the a residence in the 2200 block the NE 28th Avenue.

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A description of the suspect’s automobile was put out end the police radio and also officers spotted it quickly thereafter. Police claimed a check of the vehicle’s tag uncovered that it had actually been reported stolen in

Officers sought the vehicle and also requested help from the Broward Sheriff’s Office aviation unit. When the BSO chopper found the vehicle, ft Lauderdale police traction back.

Police said the driver that the stolen vehicle drove erratically and struck a human on a bicycle in ~ NW 27th Avenue and NW sixth Street. The injured bicyclist was also taken come a hospital through non-life-threatening injuries.

The police and BSO chopper ongoing to monitor the SUV and when it entered the southbound lanes the I-95 the Florida Highway Patrol was notified.

Chopper4 was over the scene when the driver lost control after trimming two vehicles while attempting to readjust lanes close to the exit ramp come Pembroke Road. The SUV be crazy around, fight a safety rail, and also then flipped over.

The crash left number of other vehicle drivers hurt. Sharon Glueck was headed to occupational when her vehicle was hit.

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“I was hit and I be crazy around and also I saw one more car gift hit. Once I lastly stopped, I witnessed police had drawn their guns and also they called me to quickly get come the side of the road and also wait over there to be safe,” she said.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers and Fort Lauderdale police rushed in and took the SUV’s 5 occupants right into custody.

All 5 were transported to Joe DiMaggio Hospital through non-life-threatening injuries.

“It was devastating and it ache me for this reason bad. I believed I shed my brother,” stated Kahari Craig who 16-year-old brother remained in the SUV. He’s currently in the intensive treatment unit in ~ the hospital.

A woman who claimed she was the aunt of the 16-year-old that was behind the wheel claimed it didn’t have actually to end as it did.

“I’m not justifying the kids’ behavior, they were wrong, however I think the police could have taken on it better than what lock did,” she said.

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As for what fees the they will face, that has actually yet to it is in determined. The FHP is investigate the pursuit and also crash while ft Lauderdale police are investigating the attempted car theft.